I took these photos in the backyard today after I spotted all the pretty wildflowers.

spinach wild flowers 007

Ox-eye daisy

spinach wild flowers 011

Red clover

spinach wild flowers 010

Not sure what this one is…

spinach wild flowers 013

Dame’s rocket, just starting to bloom

spinach wild flowers 017

Dame’s rocket has become my favorite wildflower, but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it’s invasive.

What are some of your favorite wildflowers?



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8 responses to “Wildflowers

  1. Spring time I really like Trillums, there are so many different kinds. Of course in spring all wild flowers charm and delight the winter weary mind. Right now I’m leaning toward Daisies as a favorite. Then there are all the wild flowering bushes like Elderberry, but here in our woods the georgeous Mountain Laurel is in bloom Later I really like Queen Anne Lace and Joe Pye Weed. This is just the beginning, like my children and grandchildren all flowers offer their own special gifts.

  2. ctdaffodil

    believe it or not – dandelions and bluettes. My youngest picked a bunch of bluettes and put them in a glass of water for mothers day and they are still alive! such happy tiny flowers

  3. I love these photos. The unknown white wildflower is my favorite. Are you strolling this Sunday?

  4. Star of Bethlehem is your unknown flower.

    I think I like anything which is fragrant the best, ha ha.

  5. I think that my favorite wildflowers are trillium, dutchman’s breeches, and trout lily. I love spring in the woods!

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