A New Look and a Coyote

I’ve changed things up a little bit.  I was getting bored with the same old page, and I picked this layout because it still shows the side bars on my other pages, when the old format didn’t.  Let me know what you think!  Be prepared for things to continue to move around for a few days until I’m happy with where everything is and how it all looks.

On an unrelated note, I saw a coyote in the backyard today.  The photo’s a bit blurry because I grabbed my camera, ran to the door and managed to snap one shot, just before he (or she) took off into the woods.  Someday, I might just see the black bear my neighbor spotted a couple of years ago.  I hope I’m safe in the house when that happens!  I guess I should be more cautious about falling asleep out in my lawn chair.  (A note to family: no jokes about me becoming my mom, thank you!)


I also spent some time today thinking about ways to decorate our back deck to make it more inviting for the summer.  Right now, we have a table and chairs, and the gas grill.  I’m thinking about setting up the arch Ed built for our wedding and stringing white lights on it, hanging some baskets of flowers, and maybe even adding some perennials around it.  Do you have any suggestions for outdoor decor?



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4 responses to “A New Look and a Coyote

  1. I LOVE the new look, with 2 sidebars and the tabs at the top. I’m so glad you kept the sunflower heading because I know I’m at Farmer’s Daughter when I see that!

    Kind of scary to see that coyote, quite large! He looked healthy, though?

    OK, you said the comment about turning into your . . . but I’d vote for the white lights on the arch, too!

  2. Rob

    I like the new look, More informative- as for your outside room- I have no ideas- a water feature is always nice.

  3. I picked up some citronella candles in clay pots at Tractor Supply Co. for 10 cents each about two years ago. I figured those would be nice to sit around our front porch to deter mosquitoes. We have a couple Adirondack chairs and a beautiful bench as well. I like the idea of white lights, especially since I’d seen them for next to nothing at garage sales.

  4. Jenn

    Hi. We have a wrought iron table and chairs with a big market umbrella in back. We put lots of varying sized pots of beautiful flowers scattered aournd it. I have always wanted to hang white lights under the market umbrella though. We also have a cool fire pit with old stumps used as chairs. My next investment this summer is going to be a pretty hammock for lazy Sunday reading.

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