Signs I’m an Old Lady

  • I’d much rather spend a Friday night (or Saturday, for that matter) under a blankie on the couch than get all dressed up for a date night.
  • I don’t know how those kids can listen to their music so loud.  And the ear buds? They totally gross me out, especially when they share with friends.
  • I’m still a little confused about how to work a DVD player and much prefer tapes.
  • Instead of flipping to MTV, VH1, or E!, as I used to… my first choices are PBS, TLC, Discovery, or Food Network.
  • I keep the volume turned off on my computer.  I find it distracting while I’m trying to concentrate.  When I turn it on, I forget it’s on and am startled the next time it makes a sound.
  • I don’t have an ipod, camera phone, or blackberry.  My phone is seven years old and I think it’s just fine.
  • I prefer cameras that are black, even though they’re digital.
  • My car has a tape player.
  • I’m very particular about how the dishes in the dishwasher are arranged.
  • I’m constantly telling my husband to turn the TV down.
  • I like wearing an apron and using a rolling pin and/or cookie cutters.
  • I must cook a big breakfast on Sunday.
  • I need glasses but refuse to get them.
  • I don’t like to drive at night or on the highway.
  • I get quite annoyed listening to someone’s phone conversation in public restrooms.
  • I’ve grown rather fond of perennials, when I used to think they just looked like weeds for most of the year and preferred the instant gratification of annuals.
  • I’m obsessive about pushing in the kitchen chairs, but that may just be a teacher thing.
  • I have to wake my husband up during the evening news so he doesn’t miss the weather.
  • I find myself ranting on about the good old days when I was a kid.
  • 10:00 is past my bedtime.


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13 responses to “Signs I’m an Old Lady

  1. Here, Here! I applaud your list. I do have a cell but my message on it directs the caller to call my house or work phone and speak to me there as I cannot operate my cell without my reading glasses, I cannot possibly pull over in my car or wherever and locate said glasses in time to answer the call, and I cannot remember my cell number anyway in order to dole it out. My daughter says this message of mine is a wee bit hostile. Ah, well.
    I agree with the non-reading glasses part. The world is much nice slightly blurry.

  2. Rob

    you ain’t old- just very busy. as far as the music goes I enjoy listening to jazz on cd, took me a long while to get a cd player in my truck. but once I did both cars got them as well (even though neither radio/cd player works) I cant understand how kids can drive with BOOM BOOM BIDY BOOM hippity hop music playing either.

  3. Lol! This list is so funny. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does some of those things. I do have an ipod and like to play something with a lot of bass when I’m in a bad mood. However, I cannot stand this new text messaging habit everyone is picking up. It just drives me crazy. I feel like there is a third person riding around with us when my friend and I are visiting and then she bursts out laughing. I look around confused and wonder what is so funny and she explains that so and so texted her a joke. Argg!!!

    You might look for tapes at rummage sales. I’ve found a lot of good ones over the years. We finally got rid of the Grand Prix so now we have CD players in everything. Actually, if you’re interested I’ll look and see what I have and if you want them I could mail them to you. Otherwise they’ll go in the trash or to Goodwill.

  4. OMG, if YOU’RE an old lady, what does that make ME?

    Seriously though, you’re about the most technically savvy one among us, Mrs. Blogger Extraordinaire!!!!! It’s just that you prefer to take your pix on a digital camera rather than on a phone because the quality is BETTER! And where would you be without your interactive SmartBoard at school?

    The glasses you should look into, though . . . you’re just like Dad!


    • Oh, Ab, here’s a PS—

      So sorry I didn’t see your post under this morning as I WAS OUT ON A DATE WITH DAD last night, while you were snuggling under a blanket, eating pizza with your hubby and two brothers, SO I GUESS MAYBE I’M NOT THAT OLD!!!! Ha! Ha!

      • P.P.S.–

        And, yes, when one of my students guessed yesterday that I was 25 years old, I told him that he was exactly right . . . even though I have a daughter who’s 28 . . . and who now I hear is an OLD LADY!!!

  5. I count 4 comments from you, Mom. Isn’t this why you got your own blog???

  6. I can relate to a lot of those lol. The one that really makes me laugh is the dishwasher because I’m so bad I will empty it and redo it if they are “wrong.”

  7. I like your list! I don’t think it means you’re old; I think it means you’re mature and intelligent. 🙂

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