Day at the Beach

My mom and I took a trip to Hammonasset State Park today.  I like to walk on the beach, but I don’t like to sit in the sun and get burned (my mom loves to sit in the sun).  However, today we explored and prepared for the field trip this coming week.

hammonasset 031

At Hammonasset, West Beach is migrating, or eroding away.  It’s a natural process, but the park is trucking in sand to try to keep the beach.  My Environmental Science class is going to study the beach and examine some solutions for the erosion, including the possibility of letting the natural process of beach migration occur, instead of fighting it.

hammonasset 017

The Meigs Point Nature Center is a great resource for information about the geology and biology of the beach.  We picked up a trail guide to the plants growing on the glacial moraine, and quickly explored the displays, but wanted to get back outside on the beautiful day.

hammonasset 004

We walked down the boardwalk and identified plants that my Botany class will study while there.  Although I’ve been on the plant trail before, I wanted to check for what was in bloom and be prepared for our trip.  Above, a white beach rose blooms.

hammonasset 016

Throughout our explorations, my mom and I remarked how fortunate we feel to live so close to the beach.  In a matter of minutes, we can taste the salty air, hear the waves, and feel the sand between our toes.  We can collect shells and sea glass, watch gulls drop shellfish on the road to break them open, and take pictures of the blue sky and blue waters.

What’s special about where you live?



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4 responses to “Day at the Beach

  1. Rob

    Well lets see- burien is on Puget Sound so we get the beach as well- but a neat “Olde Burien” and a downtown urban shopping experience with restaurants- you actually have to drive to Seahurst Park Or three tree point to get to the sound, Very cool area in which to live

  2. Hello,
    I’m downshore a bit from you – closer to NY on Long Island Sound. I grew up with salt air breezes drifting in my bedroom window on summer nights. I go to the Farmington Greenway bike path and the local farmers’ markets. There are lots of beaches, parks, nature preserves, and museums. I’m checking the newspapers for outdoor music listings (summer symphonies, etc) and looking for some events that I’ve always skipped before, to make this an interesting summer.

  3. Abbie,

    Darn, you beat me to it! I’m also posting about our magnificent day at the beach yesterday!

    Thanks so much for sharing it with me!


  4. No beaches here, but rich soil, four beautiful seasons, and a university town with big city culture and small town values. It’s hard to beat!

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