Dog Days

Duke and I enjoyed some time out in the sun, on my parents’ lush green grass.

hammonasset 036

Dukie turned five years old in May.  I bought him as a birthday present for Ed shortly after we got married.

hammonasset 038

Since we lived on the farm then, Dukie formed a very strong bond with my family.  They’ve always been animal lovers, and my dogs have always been treated like part of the family.  Duke especially enjoyed getting spoiled by my dad.

hammonasset 040

When we moved off the farm, we decided to leave Dukie there.  He is best friends with Eddie, my parents’ Old English Sheepdog.  He also goes to work with my dad every day, and enjoys running free on the farm.

hammonasset 045

It was hard to leave Dukie behind, but we still get to see him often, and I know that he’s happy.  Just look at his face!

hammonasset 046

Sometimes being a good doggie parent means doing what’s best for him, even if it makes me sad.  I just couldn’t take a farm dog off the farm.


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6 responses to “Dog Days

  1. Jena

    It looks like you have yourself a happy, sweet dog. I couldn’t live without mine! 🙂

  2. Duke is definitely the most wonderful Golden our family has ever had, probably because SO many people have loved him and helped to make his personality unique. Our dogs have pretty much always owned us, as you know.

    Dad would be just lost without Duke, who can absolutely do no wrong in his eyes, and Duke is the best thing to happen to Eddie, even if he won’t admit it. Duke’s puppy playfulness has probably added years to grumpy, old Eddie’s life.

    Thanks to you and Ed for sharing Dukie with us!!! He’s brought so much joy to everyone!

  3. What dog wouldn’t love to live there!

  4. You, the lighting, and Duke, with the green grass behind you, all make for a beautiful collection of photographs. I really hope you print these photographs and frame them. They really need to be seen.

  5. Jenn

    I LOVE those pictures of Duke. He is such a handsome boy!! I’m sure he loves living on that big, beautiful farm. Heck, Dukie has a pretty good life. But I can’t let my dog read this or he’ll be jealous! 🙂

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