Made by Hand

crochet baby blanket 003

I’ve been working on a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting a little boy.   This blanket will be blue and beige, and I love the simplicity of the design.  I don’t use a  pattern, I just made it up, which is true of most of the things I crochet, knit, or sew.  Really, it’s just one big granny square, and I’ll change colors a few times to make stripes. 

Last summer, I made this blanket in shades of blue and green for my friend Rachel’s little boy.  I was looking in my yarn basket today and thinking I’d love to make one in shades of pink and purple.  I hope somebody has a girl soon!

What handmade gifts do you like to give?



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13 responses to “Made by Hand

  1. Can I send you mine so it will get finished BEFORE the baby gets here? I started making my thank you notes (which by the way, making sets of cards for other people is something I like to do) and the blanket got put on the back burner. Sigh.

    • I’m not that talented… pretty much all I can do is chain and make granny squares. I just stick with what I’m good at and figured out how to make it look good!

      I’d love to try making cards some time.

  2. I like your color combinations, hope you get to make that pink and purple soon. I can’t imagine making up a pattern in knitting or crocheting. My craft is quilting, there is where I can create a pattern. In fact, I just had to leave this reply because yesterday I did a blog on my latest quilt for a grandson. You can go take a peek if you like. I’ve made a bunch and sold baby quilts from time to time. It is one of my passions to quilt.

    • I’ve started a few quilts (before I had a sewing machine) and never finished them since I was sewing by hand! I love, love, love quilts. They’re in my blood from all different directions, but I’ve never finished one myself. Maybe some day when I have a child I’ll finally finish one.

      My own patterns are like this: start, decide you don’t like, rip out, repeat, repeat, repeat… settle, finish. I perfected that method while making Barbie clothes with my grandmother when I was little 🙂

    • I tried to click on your name, but couldn’t get to your blog. Can you please leave me the link? I’d love to stop by and visit with you!

  3. Abbie,

    These are so beautiful! They are gifts that receivers will treasure for a lifetime. Don’t you always think of the creator when you use your quilts, afghans, and blankets? What a nice tradition to begin!

    Perhaps the crocheting “gene” skipped a generation in your family. I’m more likely to give hand-made jewelry as gifts . . .


  4. That’s a lovely blanket!

    I like to give knitted hats, mittens, and scarves. And I sew bags and baby carriers. I also enjoy making up my patterns as I go along. The design is half the fun, even if it does involve lots of false starts. 😉

  5. How pretty!! I can knit, well I can knit a square and only one kind of stitch haha. I keep meaning to teach myself to crochet (and knit better haha).

  6. I love your green-blue blanket! You have so much more patience than I do! If I have to rip out and start over, I get distracted and set it aside.

    I knitted hats for my children and grandchildren to add to their Christmas presents this past winter. They were appreciated and well-used here in the northeast!

  7. Jena

    I agree, the green and blue blanket is great. I love those colors together. You’re very talented!
    I’m working on some felted slipper things for Brian. If they turn out I might make them for other people at Christmastime.
    I give a lot of canned fruit as gifts. Especially as our grandparents age, they have most other things they want by now but still love fruit. The best is when I can pears from my grandmother’s tree and give them back all ready to eat.

  8. Here you go Abbie. I hope this works for you. I wonder how my name got corrupted. I tried it from your site and ended up somewhere weird. Would love for you to see Jack’s and Josh’s quilts.

  9. Jenn

    Hi Abbie. I wold love to see what other craft projects you’re making. I saw the jewelry your mom made out of sea glass, it is just beautiful!! I wonder what everyone else is making this summer. I love doing craft projects, and I am always inspired by women who are creative, green, and talented.

    • I’m not doing too much else right now, since there’s so much to do outside and I’m so busy with school until June 23rd when we get out. I am working on turning an old pair of jeans into a skirt, but that project is on hold for a little while.

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