Inspire Me!

I’m getting kind of bored with cooking the same recipes for supper every week.  Please leave some suggestions (with links to the recipes) for your favorite meals.  Though hot, sunny days are few and far between here lately, I’d especially appreciate summertime recipes like grilling or picnic fare.  I’ll be sure to let you know if I try them!



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6 responses to “Inspire Me!

  1. I’ve been finding some very nice suggestions/recipes on a blog called The Nourishing Gourmet. Good stuff!

  2. This is probably not helpful at all…but I had a beef stew at a Christmas party a few years ago that was absolutely amazing! It was cooked in low flame all day and was so tender and melty….the spices were minimal. But it was incredibly delicious!

    I love pioneer woman’s cooking minus the walmart ingredients..but I like the fact that her recipes use few ingredients.

  3. C’mon, what are you talking about? YOU’RE my inspiration!

    How ’bout pizza on the grill? You know your brothers complain that my summer repertoire is limited! If only, I could get them away from meat!

  4. Aunt Sara

    I thought my suggestion of using that giant snapping turtle for a “from scratch” turtle soup was a challenging idea. You could even use the shell as the serving bowl. Why let it go to waste?

    I have no recipes for it though, but have lots of faith in your ingenuity!

  5. Sarah Heaston

    I love your blog and follow it regularly…thanks for sharing on here! I love all the recipes you share… when you asked for recipes, I would like to return the favor…..actually, not even sure this is a recipe, but it’s a great summer meal! I made this last week and my husband LOVED it! You may have already done this!

    Chicken Kabobs–
    4 chick breasts cut up into nice chunks
    cherry tomatoes
    green pepper sliced into big chunks
    onion sliced into big chunks
    yellow squash in thick slices

    put all these on wooden skewers (soaked in water) and brush with homemade Italian dressing ( I use Good Seasonings) made with Balsamic Vinigrette. Grill until done…keep basting throughout…the dressing gives such a great taste!

    With this I make red potatoes and green beans on the grill….

    Chop up as many red potatoes as you want, into nice chunks, add fresh green beans, a few whole garlic cloves….put all of this into a large foil packet, add sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and some butter pats. Wrap tightly and put on grill….I put mine on a few minutes before I start the kabobs and they are then done about the same time….Delightful…and you don’t have to make your house hot at all because you are cooking everything outside! 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. I recently made a cole slaw using chinese cabbage– But my favorite is Broccoli slaw simply substitute broccoli for cabbage and bam!

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