Horse Tales

horse tales

I’ve decided to write about the horses I’ve known and loved in a new feature: Horse Tales.  We’ll start with an introduction to the horses who currently live on the farm.


Whinney is a miniature horse.  Her full name is Mini-Whinney, and she’s not a pony, she’s even smaller.  I’m not sure how old she is, but she’s getting up there.  Her talents are scratching on the fence and eating grain from happy children.


Bill is one half of our Dapple Gray Percheron team.  He’s a draft horse who specializes at pulling hayride wagons and eating hay.


This is Vinny, the other half of the hayride team.  He sometimes has an attitude, but Bill keeps him in check.

annabelle stand 008

And of course you know Annabelle.  She’s a Shire, another draft horse.  We don’t have any regular sized horses at the farm, only the mini one and the giant ones.  Annabelle and Whinney have become their own little herd and like to spend their time together during the day when they’re in the same pen.  We expect Annabelle’s foal to arrive in a few weeks, since she has started to produce milk, and we can’t wait for the new little Shire to arrive!

Future Horse Tales posts will include stories, pictures, and memories of horses past and present.


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5 responses to “Horse Tales

  1. Whinney is so cute! Her and Annabelle must look adorable hanging out together. Can’t wait to see the new baby…

  2. I’m excited…they are all too cute!

  3. LOVE the contrast of minnie Whinney and giant Annabelle! They’ve become fast friends. Love this new feature!

  4. Toooooo cute!! Love all the horses.

  5. Jena

    This is cool. I look forward to future posts.

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