Ed’s family got the pigs that we will raise for meat this year.  We have four, up one from last year.  They’re all Yorkshires this year, and they’re all brothers from the same litter.  They seem to like their new home.

piglets 006

piglets 007

piglets 020

Don’t you just love their tails?  When we left tonight they were piled up together in the little barn, drifting off to sleep.

piglets 032

Bonus turkey update! Here is their home, which Rich drags around to different spots in the field.  At night, they go into the coop to sleep.

For more information about our choices to raise and eat animals, read my post Ethical Omnivores.


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6 responses to “Piglets

  1. How cute those little piggies are! Of course, they’ll grow up to be PIGS, with most of the cuteness factor gone.

    I can’t imagine plucking those turkeys. Who gets that job?

  2. Okay I get to name a pig! I vote Bacon or short ribs! I love pigs. My aunt used to have pigs and name them after people- and yes there was a little Rob in the pig pen!

  3. Those piglets are so cute! I swear I could just eat them up.

    Oh, wait, that’s exactly the plan, isn’t it?

    (My apologies for the bad joke, I couldn’t resist.)

  4. Jena

    Oh, I just love that turkey coop!! I bet my neighbors would be thrilled to see that out next to the eggmobile and tarp shelter. That shelter perfectly solves the problem of turkeys wanting to roost high. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amy

    Cute little piggies!!! Even though they will be in the freezer, it great to have adorable animals around in the meantime.

    That turkey run/coop is great! I am wanting to build something similar for our small yard for our chickens.

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