Historical Society Tag Sale

historical tag sale 006

I spent the day with my mom and grandmother, Mema.  We went to the farmer’s market, and on our way to lunch noticed that our town’s historical society was holding a tag sale.  We stopped in and had a look around.  I love their little white barn.

historical tag sale 002

We went into the barn and looked around at old farm machinery, tools, and signs.  I loved the weathered sign with our town’s name hanging below the flag.

historical tag sale 007

I picked up these aqua canning jars and a set of ceramic canisters.  They look pretty sitting on my pantry shelves, and I’m already planning their use as vases for hydrangeas and zinnias this summer.

I’m not one to shop at tag sales often, but I’m glad I stopped in to this one since we got to visit the barn and look over the historical society’s collections.  Since the historical society will be closed for a while during the neighboring library’s renovation (which will include a geothermal system, thanks in part to my dad’s suggestion), it will be a while before we get to go back.



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4 responses to “Historical Society Tag Sale

  1. I love finding unique antique items like these ones. Two weekends ago when my mom was in town, she brought an antique spoon and photo/signature book that belonged to my great, great, great grandmother. Such neat treasures! It is so interesting, to me, to be connected, visually and physically, to the people of our past.

  2. Last Saturday I stopped at a book sale held by one of the local libraries. It was almost ending and all “good books” were gone. I looked through the front table, which had books from the 20’s, 30’s, etc., and found 2 diaries that belonged to the same person, from 1943 and 1944. These were the neatest find of all! They were written by a sixteen-year-old boy and he wrote about what he did each day – going to a friend’s house to go cross-country skiing in the fresh snow, choir practice, school test grades, etc. But once in a while there is a mention of gas rationing, radio newcasts of the War, air raids, and even planting a Victory Garden! Very often he wrote of getting college catalogs, and wanting to go to Harvard. Luckily enough, his name is printed in the first book, so I was able to find out that he did, indeed, go to Harvard and became a successful lawyer in my area!

  3. Christiane

    I bought a box of these canning jars off Craig’s List. When I went to pick them up there were twice the number advertised. I use them all over the house and never get tired of seeing them in the window. They’ll make great flower vases for your hydrangeas!

  4. Please give me these jars! KTHX. 🙂 Awesome finds!

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