Class of ’99

abbie grad hs

It’s hard to imagine that 10 years ago I was graduating from high school.  Sometimes, especially when I get together with my high school friends, it feels like it was yesterday.  But then again, sometimes it feels like it was light years ago. (Yes, I know light years is a measure of distance, not time, but it’s an expression.)  I’ve been thinking about my high school graduation a lot, since my students will graduate tomorrow night.  I pulled out my senior yearbook and got a kick out of it.  From the yearbook:

  • Name: Abigail Susan Rose (not anymore)
  • Birthday: 3/30/81 (this is wrong!)
  • Nicknames: Abbie, Blondie, Baby Abbie, Crabby, Abadab
  • Favorite Quote: “As you wish”- The Princess Bride
  • Activities: Basketball, field hockey, Rose Orchards, haunted hayride, honor society
  • Likes: The beach, horses, basketball and football, corn on the cob, true friends, snow, aquamarine, cowboys
  • Dislikes: Cruelty to animals, homework, whiney people, ignorance
  • Most Prized Possession: Family, friends and memories
  • Future Plans: College, marriage, kids, happiness
  • Also quoted throughout the yearbook: “I want to be remembered as the loudest fan at basketball and football games.”  “I like Honor Society because it gives me a chance to give back to the community.”
  • I won the Senior Superlative: “Most Likely to Stay in North Branford” (yes, that’s correct!)

Seems like I haven’t changed all that much! What has or hasn’t changed about you since you graduated high school?



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7 responses to “Class of ’99

  1. Rob

    What has or hasn’t changed about you since you graduated high school?

    I ‘m not as sweet as I used to be.
    I am more cynical, less trusting of folks.
    I am quick to point out in my mind about someone -What a nerd! or DORK

    What hasn’t changed- My good looks, My love for animals, my ability to get by by the skin of my teeth when presented with problems.

  2. Why change a good thing?

    What fun it was reliving your high-school graduation! Ten years seems like nothing, but it also seems like an eternity at times. Maybe it helps your students to know you’re not that much older than them and you can remember what it’s like to be a senior in high school!

    What’s changed for me since high school? A lot in three-plus decades, but all for the better. Core values are the same, but my life has become richer through our family and friends, and doing work that I love! Thanks for asking!

  3. Jena

    I agree – cowboys are the best!! 🙂

    I’ve been out 5 years now and it feels like forever. I’m exactly where everyone figured I’d be. Married a farmer, have lots of animals, still into the environment, gardening,etc. Still want to have lots of babies and stay at home instead of having a career. The funny part is that there were a lot of times over the last 5 years when I thought for sure my life was going in a completely opposite direction. I guess it was meant to be this way!

  4. You are so young! By the way, you might want to take your birthdate off the post for identity theft reasons, especially since you also list your full name.

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