In the Pasture

We took Annabelle and her baby out to the pasture for the first time today, in an area that was partitioned off from the other animals.  We stayed with them for a few hours, to make sure they were comfortable, and to visit with anyone who stopped by to see the new horse.

pasture 039

After a little getting used to, the filly decided to run around the pen, nurse, and check out her new surroundings.  Annabelle got right to grazing.

pasture 024

It was all so exciting, and we could tell she was getting tired.  But she didn’t want to go to sleep! (Do you see gold bug?)

pasture 042

Finally, she couldn’t stay awake any longer and drifted off to sleep.  Annabelle stopped grazing and stood over her baby as she slept.  It was so sweet.

pasture 068

Little girl, you’ve had a busy day.


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3 responses to “In the Pasture

  1. I can’t believe I spent 5 hours “babysitting” our new filly yesterday as she made her public appearance for the first time. It was amazing the attention she brings and it was fun to see everyone, animals and people, included. “Gold bug” loved being in the “thick” of things!

  2. aah so cute!! It makes me want to move back by my parents and have a farm. I’ve always grown up with a horse, and now not having the property for it makes me sad. 😦

  3. Christiane

    So precious. Thank you for sharing these.

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