Summer Garden

Sunday Stroll

It finally feels like summer around here! Yesterday, as I spent about five hours standing in the sun watching the baby horse, I got really sun burned.  I hadn’t planned to stay that long, but visiting mom and baby has a way of making time disappear.  It has rained almost every day for the past three weeks, so my skin wasn’t ready for that much time in the sun.  All that rain helped the weeds take over my garden, too, so Ed and I spent yesterday morning catching up.  I ripped out the lettuce because it was all rotting on the bottom, I assume from so much dampness, but everything else in the vegetable garden is doing well.

pasture 019

One corner contains herbs that I started from seed last year and this year: chives, basil, lavendar, dill, parsley, thyme, sage and borage.

pasture 017

Dill in bloom

pasture 020

Bush beans- green, purple and yellow

pasture 021


pasture 026


pasture 025

Snap peas

pasture 027

This corner contains tomatoes which are surrounded by sunflowers and marigolds.

pasture 031

I made an effort to add some flowers to the vegetable garden this year.  Johnny jump-ups are doing very well in the shade of the fence post.

pasture 024

I’m anxiously awaiting the blooms of hot pink and lime green zinnias.

pasture 016

Borage is attracting pollinators.

pasture 034

Speaking of flowers, the lace cap hydrangeas in the back garden are in full bloom, a gorgeous shade of purple-blue.

pasture 039

And of course, no Sunday Stroll would be complete without the showy mophead hydrangeas from our front garden.

pasture 042

pasture 041

What’s growing in your garden?

To see who else is strolling this week, visit the Quiet Country House.


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9 responses to “Summer Garden

  1. Jena

    Looks like your herbs are doing great!! Way to go.

    On the down side, you’ve reminded me that I never did plant any carrots. Dang.

  2. Luscious looking. It is also very pretty to see the different leaves and the fruit coming on. I love to see flowers in a vegetable garden. They often compliment each other. I always put marigolds among my tomatoes and failed to do that this year. Drat. I suspect if I could be there I’d also spend all my time with the beautiful new horse family.

  3. I love all that green and yellow going on in the veggie and herb gardens… and then along comes that gorgeous blue borage and hydrangea. Wonderful feast for the eyes!

  4. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! I’d love to add some to our garden at some point.

    Oh, and I can’t wait to see your sunflowers. The ones I planted were eaten (as seedlings) by the birds, so I may start another pot inside with Annabelle. Any tips?

    • We’ve had a lot of success with sunflowers at school in the greenhouse. They don’t transplant well, so start them in the pot you want to keep them in. Also, opt for mini varieties, and rotate them each day for even growth.

  5. Crafty Gardener

    Beautiful flowers. Isn’t Nature wonderful?

  6. Ahhh, there’s nothing like the scent of fresh dill weed! Nice hydrangeas and Johnny Jump Ups too!

  7. Green, so much green from all the rain! Your gardens look absolutely beautiful and very prolific!

    I just love those true blue hydrangeas!

    My flowers nearly drowned from all the rain and I hope a few days of sunshine are in store!

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