Back to School…

After three whole days of vacation last week, which were dominated by Annabelle’s new baby, I headed back to school today.  I’m taking a course in my Environmental Education program called “Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation.”  In the next two weeks, we’re going to learn how to test samples for contaminants, visit New Haven Harbor to take sediments to test for heavy metals, test our own tap water, and visit one of the Thimble Islands off the coast of Branford to study the rocky intertidal ecosystem.  In addition, we’re going to set up and maintain a salt water aquarium and monitor for a variety of different factors.  I’m excited that I’ll actually get to learn how to do all the chemical testing I’ve been reading so much about, so when I see results published in journals or in the news I’ll be able to understand them better.  Today was introductory lab stuff, practice using balances, pH meters, micro-pipets and the spectrophotometer.  It was a blast for a science dork like me.

After a busy day, I came home to see my hydrangeas wilting in the first real heat of the summer, even though I watered them this morning.  I went around to the back garden, where I left the hose this morning, and when I got there I saw a huge black snake going into a hole in my flower garden! I would estimate that it was five feet long.  I screamed for Ed and he killed it, but I have vowed to never weed in that garden again.  Now I’m off to do my homework!


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4 responses to “Back to School…

  1. Jena

    Oh, how scary about the snake! Eeekk!

    I’d love to have our water tested. Who knows what might be lurking in our pipes and in the groundwater with all the fields and chemicals around here. I intend to have that tested, especially before we think of kids.

    Have fun at your class. It does sound really interesting for someone like you, especially since there is so much water in your area.

  2. Oh. My. I am totally afraid of snakes. I’m not sure I would be able to set food in my yard for a while after seeing a snake like that. I run from 8 inch long garter snakes.

  3. Ooh, school sounds like fun! I can’t wait to vicariously learn with you. You will be sharing what new experiences/info are available to you in your class, right?

  4. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your class this summer. I bet you can’t wait to get out on the boat to the Islands!

    Ugh! Snake! Now I have snakes on my mind. I jumped when I saw a long, fat, dark stick on the grass this afternoon, thinking of your snake!

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