Strawberry Fruit Leather

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I usually make jam instead of jelly because I don’t like wasting all the fruit pulp that’s left after the juice drains.  However, when I made strawberry jelly this time I used the leftover pulp to make fruit leather, and I have to say I was impressed by how easy it was.  Since I don’t have a food dehydrator, I used the oven method.

strawberry jelly 011

To make the leather, I covered a baking sheet with plastic wrap, sprayed it with non-stick spray, and set the oven to the lowest setting.  Websites and books I checked out recommended 130-140°F, but my oven doesn’t go that low, so I used the “keep warm” setting.  I blended the fruit pulp in my food processor, then spread it in a thin layer on the plastic wrap. 

strawberry jelly 039

I let it dry in the oven , with a wooden spoon stuck in the door to let moisture out, for about 5 hours until it reached the dryness that I wanted.  I rolled it up while still warm and sliced it into serving pieces, which are stored in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.

I would like to try making fruit leather again, maybe with peaches.  However, although every source I found said it was safe to put plastic wrap in the oven at such low temperatures, I’m not completely convinced that it is.  Maybe waxed paper would work.

What’s your experience with drying? Have you ever made fruit leather, and if so, do you think I could replace the plastic wrap?


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15 responses to “Strawberry Fruit Leather

  1. I use a dehydrator, but I simply put the fruit leather on some Parchment paper- never had a problem with it- I suppose you could use wax paper as well

  2. Great idea – I know my preschooler would love the fruit leather. I have to admit I’m not comfortable with the idea of putting plastic wrap in the oven, though. I usually use parchment paper in baking, so I would probably try that myself.

  3. How about Parchment Paper? I would also be leery of plastic wrap in the oven, even at a warming temp. Sounds like fruit roll-ups that kids usually love, but much healthier!

  4. I second Ruth’s parchment paper idea. The wax paper wax might wind up in the fruit leather, and who knows what it’s made of- parafin at the very least.

  5. Now that’s just showing off!!

  6. I am so excited to try this! I am addicted to my 2 year old’s fruit leathers . . . thinking it may be a pregnancy craving but who cares? Now I can make my own. Awesome.

  7. ctdaffodil

    that about a silpat? spread it out on there then when it is dry and cool put the plastic wrap on the top side of it then flip it over – then gently peel the silpat mat off it and roll….

  8. We have silicone baking sheets we use for cookies. I think we got them at the grocery store. This is an awesome idea!!

  9. Christiane

    I was thinking of trying fruit leather with some of the applesauce I have left from canning last year. Good to know it is this easy. I’m thinking parchment paper as well.

  10. I second (or third) the Parchment Paper idea. It’s awesome.

  11. keilis

    I was excited to see this post! I love fruit leather and have been wanting to make it. I have been asking my Dad to make me a solar food dryer, but this will be good to try while I wait. Thanks for sharing. Those fruit roses look delicious!

  12. Jena

    I so want to try this. I’ve been wanting to, and I have a food dehydrator, but I tried it in there with plastic wrap and the plastic stuck to the leather. I was going to try tin foil next. I wonder if you could just do it on a greased cookie sheet if you’re using the oven. Hmm.

  13. Kim

    Great idea. I’d like to try and make some of those!

  14. Parchment paper works in the dehydrator. I’d also try the silicone mats, maybe on one of the pans.

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