Homemade Local Pizza Party

pizza 001

  • bacon- our pig
  • clams- farm raised by Ed and his brother
  • tomato, scallions, herbs- our garden
  • cheese- made in New England 
  • dough- homemade

I meant to make homemade ricotta for the pizzas today, but instead I visited with the horses and swam in my parents’ pool.  When I got home I made the dough, but once it was all mixed together, I got a call from my mom asking me to come help bring Annabelle and the baby up to the barn, since a thunderstorm was coming and my brothers weren’t home yet.  I left the dough, got poured on, got stuck in the barn for about a half-hour since the lightning was so close.  I kneaded the dough when I got home, but it was still kind of flat.  Even so, the pizza was yummy.

And by the way, we named the baby horse Isabelle.

pasture 039


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One response to “Homemade Local Pizza Party

  1. Yum! And Annabelle is such a cutie 🙂 I hope she stays small a while longer so I can meet her!

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