Outer Island

My grad class spent today on Outer Island, which is one of the Thimble Islands.  We did a whole bunch of data collection, but I also had a chance to take lots of pictures.

outer island 028

Here’s the tide pool that my group monitored throughout the day.  It reminded me of an infinity pool.

outer island 048

The tide was coming in while we were there.

outer island 053

The Thimble Islands are granite, and are therefore more stable than many other islands in Long Island Sound.  This pink rock is known as Stony Creek Granite.

outer island 055

Outer Island is about 5 acres, and is the only Thimble Island used for research by Connecticut State Universities and Yale.

outer island 062

I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of this boat sailing by us.

outer island 102

Here’s our tide pool again, from a different angle. 

outer island 065

Although it was a busy day, we still had some time to relax and take in the scenery.  I love this class!


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8 responses to “Outer Island

  1. Jena

    What a beautiful sight, thanks for sharing!

  2. Only you would take a grad class that ends up having field trips! Lucky! looks like it was a nice day!

  3. I love field trips! What a fantastic class.

  4. Christiane

    Amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  5. Who wouldn’t love that class?! Just look at the scenery; hoorah for place-based learning!

    I just LOVE the shot of the tidal pool. . . it does look like an infinity pool! Beautiful!

  6. Great pictures! I would love to visit there one day…is it open to the public?

    • I believe it’s the only one of the Thimbles that you’re actually allowed to land kayaks on. A lot of it is closed for nature preserve, and there’s a college kid that lives in the one run-down house there for the summer to make sure people follow the rules. Fish and Wildlife pays him… what a boring job!

      So, yes, if you have a kayak you can visit it, but otherwise you need to have an organized educational trip to go there. They also have an open house once a year.

  7. Colleen

    Such a beautiful place! I wish I could find a grad program similar to the one you are doing that is close by to me in Texas!

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