While the Sun Shines

while the sun shines 007

This was the view out of my front door today.  My brother Nate drove the tractor to the hay lots near my house.

while the sun shines 009

It’s been so rainy this summer that this is the first cutting.  My uncle mowed it yesterday, Nate tedded today, and they’ll probably bale it tomorrow.

while the sun shines 008

The tedder spins around and fluffs up the hay, helping it dry out.

while the sun shines 010

I’ve been lucky that I haven’t helped to make hay often.  It’s these gosh darn allergies that keep me from helping…  How convenient?

while the sun shines 005

I have to give special thanks to my brothers for this post.  First, Nate called me to let me know that I should come take pictures, then Jon helped me spell “tedder” correctly and also let me verify that I know what it does! Thanks boys!


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6 responses to “While the Sun Shines

  1. Where is the farm located? Where do you use the draft horses? ? I am so loving your blog!

  2. Aunt Sara

    The allergies must be genetic. I couldn’t help with the hay after I was 19 or 20…would break out in hives and be unable to breathe. Your dad always accusesd me of faking it…but it was quite real! Nice pixs!

  3. Gosh, who ever thought allergies would be convenient, lol?

    I love the photos. I love that you share how your family keeps its farm going, generation after generation. You guys are so inspiring, 🙂

    Last, I never noticed how beautiful hay is . . . the color just really picks up in these photos. Great post, Abbie.

  4. Jena

    Ugg, hay. Lucky for me I haven’t had to help much this year either. When I do help I usually get to drive the tractor which I don’t mind – free suntan anyway. This year I’m mostly hauling the wagons back and forth which is also fine. I haven’t been on the wagon for awhile and I’m loving it.

    Brian will be jealous of that tedder. We’ve been renting one when there is rain in the forecast, otherwise we just rake it. It helps the hay drive so much faster but we’d have to sell a lot of hay to pay for it… the one he wants is $5500. Maybe next year! 😉

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