Roll in the Hay

baling hay 016

The hay baling continued today, and you can read all about it over at my mom’s blog.  Instead of repeating her post, I’m just going to post pictures of what Duke did while the boys were working.

baling hay 002

Dukie loves to roll.  He rolls in snow, in grass, on area rugs, on dead animals, on my mom’s flowers, and even in insulation if he gets the chance, but we try to keep him out of it because he makes a huge mess.

baling hay 003

Duke realized he could roll in the hay, and he went for it.

baling hay 004

He looks like a maniac, rolling and rolling.

baling hay 007

Then he got tired and went to take a nap in the shade.

baling hay 012

At five years old, Dukie has calmed down considerably.  He even has some gray hairs coming in.


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5 responses to “Roll in the Hay

  1. Thanks for the “plug,” Ab! It’s just that we hang out with–and love–the same guys!

    How cute is Dukie?!?! He always finds the FUN in work! Great shots!

  2. Rob

    I never get tired of the smell of fresh cut hay. If I could bottle that aroma I would be rich

  3. Aja

    Hay bales! I am in desperate need for some in October for the wedding…but we just want to “borrow” them because (unfortunately, we have nothing to feed them to afterwards, sadness) But you are the perfect person to ask, being a farmer gal in Guilford. Do you know where one could borrow about 30 hay bales in October for a wedding at the Dudley Farm?

    • Hey Aja- Doesn’t the Dudley farm have bales you can borrow? They’ve got animals there so I would be they have some in a barn somewhere. I don’t think we could spare ours, we sell a lot of them on the weekends at the farm in October for decorations.

      If Dudley doesn’t have any, I would go to Local Harvest and do a search for hay.

  4. I’m sure Polie would have loved to join in! I’m hoping he’ll calm down some by the time he’s five.

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