Flowers and a Surprise

stroll 003

The pink roses in the front garden are putting on a show.

stroll 005

This hydrangea in the back garden was supposed to be hot pink, but I guess nobody told her.  Good thing I like purple.

stroll 012

The front garden’s hydrangeas are still producing big, showy blooms.

stroll 008

In the veggie garden, the giant marigolds have started to flower by the tomato plants.

stroll 015

Despite beetle attacks, the zinnias are beginning to bloom.  The beetles are mostly gone, so I’m looking forward to lots of pink and lime green flowers.

stroll 014

Here’s the surprise! We decided to pull carrots this morning, since the ground was nice and damp which made them easy to pull up.  Thinking the potato plants were dead, I asked Ed to pull them out.  Turns out, the potatoes were ready! My mom had told me that when they looked dead it meant the potatoes were ready, but I still thought they were dead.  We got about 5lbs of potatoes from 3 experimental hills, so I think we’ll definitely plant them again next year.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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8 responses to “Flowers and a Surprise

  1. Great Stroll. Love the zinnia – I don’t have any even in bud yet, though I have a few plants.

    We have “experimental” hills of potatoes too. We haven’t grown them before. Our plants are the one thing that is thrving in our rather stunted garden, but I have no earthly idea how the potatoes themselves are progressing. Yours look great, as do the carrots. Seems early for carrots! Good going!

  2. Those look wonderful. It makes me think it might be time to pull some of my potatoes as well.

    Great stroll!

  3. Congrats on your harvest! Your flowers are beautiful, too!

    When I was a kid, it was our job to pick up the potatoes after your grandfather dug them up with a pitchfork, hoping not to “stick” too many of them. Those that were stuck, we needed to use right away.

    Then, we graded them by size. The smallest were called “pig potatoes,” because we fed them to the pigs. Today, I believe the smallest potatoes now have a “fancy” grade!

  4. Jena

    Your produce looks yummy. I never did plant any carrots! About 2/3 of my potatoes are dying back but I don’t think they grew to their full potential. The other 1/3 are still going strong so I’ll probably have a mix of big and little which is fine with me!

  5. Gorgeous flowers, lovely spuds and carrots–your gardens are very productive this summer!

  6. Maureen

    Nice harvest – especially when it’s a surprise.

    About the hydrangeas, they will take on a blue tone if planted in acidic soils and a pinkish color when planted in alkaline soils. I prefer the blue too and amend my soil with peat moss. I was just down on Cape Cod and there are explosions of blue everywhere. Gorgeous!

  7. Awesome! On the “not dead” potatoes, that is, 🙂 By the way, your flowers look healthy and beautiful. When our 30 days is over, I need to get busy documenting the end of summer in our home garden. Thanks for inspiring me!

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