Local Challenge, Events and Resources

Last week, in my review of Food, Inc. I stated:

No longer can we complacently fill our reusable bags with healthy foods and ignore the policies that allow and promote industrial agribusiness, cruelty to animals, contaminated food, poor conditions for workers, and take away our right to free speech, to the detriment of the health of our citizens, small farmers, and the environment.

Since then, I have been following politics, contacting my representatives to make my opinions known, and even spent an afternoon watching C-SPAN and the debate about HR2749, a bill that I wrote a few tweets about.  In an effort to get more people involved in farm issues, I’ve decided to share a challenge, events, and few links that I’ve found to be helpful.  They’re specific to Connecticut, but I encourage you to seek out similar resources in your own state.


For those of you who are Connecticut residents, chech out the first official CT Grown Challenge as part of National Farmer’s Market Week!  From August 2-8, challenge yourself and your family to eat at least one CT grown item each day.  You’ll support local farmers and eat healthy, delicious, fresh food.  If you don’t live in CT, many states will be running similar “Eat Local” challenges.  I’ll participate, will you?

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station’s annual Plant Science Day will take place on August 5, from 10-4, at Lockwood Farm in Hamden.  You can see the Centennial Farm award presentation (which my family received a while back), listen to speakers on various agricultural and home-gardening topics, and explore the farm and experiments. 

The Potato and Corn Festival will take place in my town from August 7-9.  There’s an agricultural tent and farmer’s market run by the town’s agricultural commission, a cow chip raffle, crafts, entertainment, and of course, baked potatoes and corn.

In addition to the fun challenge and events, here are some links that you may find useful.  Some are specific to CT while others are nationwide.


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4 responses to “Local Challenge, Events and Resources

  1. Count me in for this challenge, which will be pretty easy! We’re pickling lots of delicious, native, homegrown veggies and fruits on the farm daily and we’ll continue to enjoy what’s in season!

    I’m also in for the Plant Science Day and Corn/Potato Festival. Want to join me at those events?

  2. Abbie, you always inspire me! The environment is so lucky to have you as an advocate. While we eat “local” much of the time, I know there is more we can do. I’m glad you’re spreading the word for CT folks to buy and eat locally.

  3. P.S. LOVE your new sidebar pix!!!

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