CT Grown Challenge, Day 1


The CT Grown Challenge starts today! From August 2-8, Connecticut residents are challenged to eat at least one item grown in Connecticut each day.  I’m going to update our CT items daily here at Farmer’s Daughter, both to track how I do in the challenge as well as to show off the wonderful variety of CT grown items available right now.

Sunday, August 2

  • breakfast- 1 egg, handful of blueberries
  • lunch- (went to a picnic, don’t think anything was CT grown, but not sure)
  • supper- tomato and potatoes from our garden

Wherever you live, if you ate something local today, please leave it in the comments and join me in this great challenge!



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11 responses to “CT Grown Challenge, Day 1

  1. Right now I am loving the cherries. And the raspberries and blueberries fresh from my garden. Oh, and eggs. I love buying them from the farmer’s market, the shells are like a rainbow.

  2. Rob

    Does local Pizza count?

  3. We’ve been eating from our garden every day for months. I actually look forward now to the days my husband cooks because he’s more inclined to make something like hamburger helper and canned peas.

  4. I’m so glad that you posted this challenge. I’m from CT too and hadn’t heard about it. We’ve been eating from our garden for weeks now. Yesterday it was kale, Swiss chard and onions as additions to our salad. This morning it’s fresh picked blueberries with yogurt and granola.

  5. Jena

    We’re still eating berries by the bucketful. Also, we’re continuing to enjoy our local staples in the form of homemade whole wheat bread and other baked goods. Tonight we’ll have some of our own hamburger for dinner too. I remember thinking last year how I wish we had more local foods available. Turns out they were here – I just had to do a little work to find them!

    Oh, BTW, I made that blueberry crumble the other night (with fresh berries) and both Brian and I think it is great. Thanks for introducing me to the recipe.

    • I wish we could get some local flour, but it just isn’t available around here.

      Glad you liked the crumble. I had some berries in the fridge I need to use up or freeze, thanks for reminding me of that recipe!

  6. I ate local blueberries and an apple. I’m thinking my veggie chicken and Lara bar are probably from out of state, 🙂

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