CT Grown Challenge, Day 2


Locally Grown Food: Monday, August 3

  • breakfast- milk
  • lunch- tomato and blueberries
  • snack- raspberries
  • supper- green squash, corn on the cob, honey
  • dessert- peach

Wherever you are, if you ate something locally grown today, please let me know in the comments and join me in this challenge!



Filed under Food, Gardening, Living from Scratch, Local Agriculture, Sustainable Living

3 responses to “CT Grown Challenge, Day 2

  1. I’m signed on for this challenge! Day 2: Our family enjoyed our own, locally-grown corn-on-the-cob, tomatoes, and lettuce. I hope to pick our own peaches and raspberries tomorrow!

  2. Tom

    Pasta with tomato sauce, eggplant and onion all (including the tomatoes but not the pasta) from Riverbank Farm in Roxbury, and bought at the New Canaan Farmers Market (even though we live in NY, we still support CT agriculture!).

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