CT Grown Challenge, Day 3


Locally Grown Food, Tuesday August 4

  • breakfast- peach
  • lunch- milk and blueberries
  • supper- bacon, basil, cucumber, tomato
  • dessert- blueberries

Wherever you are, if you ate something locally grown today, please share with us in the comments and join this great challenge!



Filed under Food, Gardening, Living from Scratch, Local Agriculture, Sustainable Living

6 responses to “CT Grown Challenge, Day 3

  1. I ate green beans and peas from my garden right in my backyard! 🙂 I am jealous of your blueberries.

  2. For dinner – tomatoes, jalepenos, and green peppers, all from my garden. For dessert – peaches, from the farmers market.


  3. I ate some tomatoes. And local cheese. I Really wanted a local chili dog though.

  4. Thank you for posting about the CT Grown Challenge. I mirrored your post, acknowledging your blog, at my gardening blog, http://www.joenesgarden.com. Here’s hoping more and more people, both CT grown and CT transplants, will learn of the bounty found in thier own proverbial back yards.

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