Plant Science Day

Yesterday, my mom and I attended the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station’s annual Plant Science Day on Lockwood Farm.  We strolled around the farm, spoke to scientists and vendors, snapped photos, and tried some lemonade.  Despite the steamy weather, it was a bustling event.

plant science day 011

From the sign at Lockwood Farm:

“In 1910, the Station’s Board of Control purchased the original 20 acres of the farm from the William R. Lockwood Trust.  The selected the site for its orchards.  The Board’s other purchases, at late as 1997, enlarged the farm to 75 acres.  The hybrid corn that feeds the world was invented on Lockwood Farm.  This farm serves as an outdoor laboratory for Experiment Station scientists who conduct research to learn how to manage plant pathogens and insect pests of agricultural crops and trees.  Scientists also evaluate new crops for Connecticut, test fruits and vegetables, and evaluate crops for biofuel.  Lockwood farm has a bird and butterfly garden that is accessible to all and a popular spot for visitors.  On the first Wednesday of August each year, citizens can meet scientists and staff and learn about experiments at Plant Science Day, the Station’s Annual Open House.

plant science day 007

Fields of experimental crops, including heirloom tomatoes.  Since the scientists want to support local farmers, not compete with them, the produce is donated to food banks.

plant science day 004

Flowers in the butterfly garden. 

plant science day 006

While we didn’t spot any butterflies, I did see quite a few bees and other pollinators.

plant science day 003

Exhibitors set up their tents alongside experimental crops.

Since yesterday (Wednesday, August 5) was Day 4 of the CT Grown Challenge, here’s what we ate locally: peaches, blueberries, eggs and milk.

Wherever you are, if you ate something locally grown yesterday, please share it in the comments and join this great challenge!



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6 responses to “Plant Science Day

  1. Jena

    Are those tomatoes each tied up to a single t-post? Did you happen to get a good look at them? I’m very interested in different tomato setups lately.

    Looks like a fun place to visit!

  2. Very interesting. Local food I ate local donut peaches, local cantoloupe bought at the farmers’ market, oatmeal (Meaning I made the instant oatmeal myself- the mix not just added water!)with dried strawberries in it. (I dehydrated the berries). My milk which I consider local as well- Kent WA- for dinner I think I will have local taco bell. ; )

  3. I love how they donate their experimental crops to food banks (as long as they are safe experiments!)

  4. I’m jealous. I’ve always wanted to go to Plant Science Day, but something – usually work – always gets in the way. Your photos make me want to go even more. Sigh … maybe my camera will accompany me there next year.

  5. As others have said I love that they donate the food! Such a big win for everyone!

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