Antique Tractor Pull

This morning, my brothers entered their first ever antique tractor pull at our town’s Potato and Corn Festival.  They pulled in the 4500 lb class with their restored Ford 960. 

tractor pull 017

Jon and Nate scope out the competition.

tractor pull 025

Jon made a full pull the first round.

tractor pull 029

There were quite a few wheelies.

tractor pull 021

In the end, this nice lady and her Oliver named “Tie Breaker” won first place.  Second was taken by the girl standing next to her and her John Deere “Green Envy.”  Jon was okay with being beaten by two girls, but you can bet he, Nate, my dad and Ed are already talking about modifications they need to make and gearing up for the Guilford Fair in September.



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9 responses to “Antique Tractor Pull

  1. Rob

    There is no Insult in being beaten by Girls- They had better equipt trackters! YOur brothers will do great next year I am sure

  2. Love it, Abbie. Love it!

  3. Jena

    Oh I can’t wait until they get really good at it. It’ll be their new favorite hobby and every other event will be put on hold when there is a pull… at least that’s how the guys around here get. How cool that there are some ladies pulling, and that they are placing!
    I’m so glad to see they are doing antique tractor pulling. I was worried that maybe they built one of those big smoking rigs. Brian wants to do that and I am trying to forbid it, I think they are just way too dangerous.
    It looks like everyone had lots of fun! Good luck to them at the fair!

    • Yup they’re antiques. Our big blue Ford was too new to enter (from the 70’s I think). The boys made fun of me because I asked why none of the tractors had cabs. I guess they weren’t invented yet 🙂

  4. ctdaffodil

    My kids have a die cast model of your brother’s tractor. My Hubby has been looking for one of those to restore so he can ride it in the Tractor Parade this Feburary down Main Street….
    Let you folks know – I got kale today from their stand at our farmers market – cant wait for dinner

    • They had a blast restoring the tractor. My youngest brother Nate spends all his time on ebay and around the internet looking at old tractors and equipment, dreaming up what to do with them.

      We don’t do farmer’s markets… but we do have relatives around the state, could it have been Rose’s Berry Farm? They’re distant cousins of ours.

    • ctdaffodil,

      I heard there’s a great Tractor Parade in Feb. in Chester; might this be it?

      Abbie’s brothers may need to join you there!

      If your hubby is serious, tell him you can find anything you want online! We did!

  5. Ab,

    It was a GREAT day. Thanks for supporting your brothers!

    For awesome video of Jon’s pull, wheelies and all, check out:

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