Over the River and Through the Woods

Sunday Stroll

Well, I took the road to Mema’s house the other day when I went for lunch, but as the crow flies the path from my house to hers is through the woods, with a few little rivers to cross.  We strolled around her farm, the farm where my mom grew up, and she told me all about her flowers.  I also got to visit with my cousins and uncle who were busy working on the farm.  After a nice lunch, Mema and I sat on her swing and enjoyed the beautiful weather, under the old maple tree that my grandfather planted many years ago.

over the river 003

A butterfly enjoys Mema’s zinnias.

over the river 005

Purple coneflowers were my favorite part of the perennial garden.

over the river 008

Horses graze in the fields behind the new horse barn.  If I walked back through those woods, up the “mountain” and down the other side, I’d end up in my own back yard (after crossing through a few other yards).

over the river 007

A view of the old dairy barn.  When I was growing up, and for many years before, this was a working dairy farm.  Now, there’s a new barn for boarding horses, but there are still cows here, too.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.  Where have you gone strolling lately?



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6 responses to “Over the River and Through the Woods

  1. The butterfly isn’t the only one enjoying Mema’s zinnias. Me too! Mine haven’t even set buds yet; I think I got them in very late. What a pretty blue sky. It must be a lovely day there!

  2. Ab,

    Thanks for helping me relive my childhood by looking at your great photos of the farm I grew up on! I know that Mema LOVED having you visit!

    How ironic that your new home is just a “hike through those woods” that I grew up playing in!

    As always, I love your photos and stories.


  3. Some of my most cherished memories from my childhood were created at my grandma’s house. She also lived on a farm where my uncle raised cattle and their food garden. I loved to ride or later drive the tractor and felt so helpful. Your Mema’s yards and fields looked full of memories to this sentimental old gal.

  4. It’s so beautiful, Abbie! Must lower your blood pressure immediately to walk in such fields.

  5. Margo Koehler

    What a delightful gift you are giving, telling the story of your life and journaling your memories. I have enjoyed reading your posts; thanks for sharing.
    Reminiscent writing is a hobby for me, and I often encourage others to record their heritage through writing and pictures. My husband was a photographer, and he left a wonderful record for our family through pictures. I am trying to do the same through words.
    Congratulations to you for making your world come alive for your family record, and for sharing your words with strangers.
    MargaretsMusings —- tumblr.

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