Red White and Blue

tomatoes 003

I guess that hot weather was just what my tomatoes needed! Some are going strong while some plants are looking pretty sad… But after the trip out to the garden today, I have renewed hope that I might just be able to can some tomatoes this year.

How’s your garden doing?


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8 responses to “Red White and Blue

  1. They look beautiful!

    I’m not sure my tomatoes are going to come back. We had almost two weeks with 100 or near 100 temperatures back in June and into July.

    I gave up on one and pulled it this morning. Some are producing flowers but I don’t have a single fruit except on the cherry tomato plant. Our peppers, watermelon, cantelope, and okra are doing well but it seems like the end of the road for the eggplant, bush beans and carrots.

    Next year I’m going to plan the garden differently and incorporate some flowers. Hopefully that will improve it. My husband and I had assumed this year would be all about learning and we were right!

  2. Rob

    Great looking tomatoes. I am thinking a tomato pie

  3. We have loads and loads of tomatoes on really l lush healthy plants, but not one is starting to turn red yet. They are all small and green. I hope they finish up before fall and frost arrive!

    Yours are gorgeous! Enjoy your harvest!

  4. Want some of our hot weather? After 8 weeks in the high 90’s/low 100’s, we more than happy to share…. đŸ™‚

  5. Today we harvested the first 4 cucumbers out of my garden. Based on how the plants have taken over, I am sure that they will be the first of many. I’ve also harvested a few tomatoes and ground cherries – the ground cherries are too fun, in these little paper shells.

    We need some sun right now, I think. We had a heat wave, and then the past 2 weeks have been cloudy and chilly. I think the ripening fruits and veggies could use a little bit more heat right about now.

  6. Cucumbers produced more than I could have ever asked for, but so far the tomatoes have just been ‘okay.’ Maybe they’ll have a good 2nd half of August.

  7. ctdaffodil

    my tomatos have the blight….as do my neighbors. Its very sad – this is the year where I have green ones coming out of my ears too. To bad I don’t like chow chow because I could work on that. I’ve pulled them they will dry out and then be burned – since I was advised NOT to compost them – burn or toss in the trash was what I was told.

    My green beans are unaffected and in overboard production mode though.

  8. Cucumbers are doing great but over all I decided I need to pick up some fertilizer and give my tomato plants some much needed nourishment. This year they are so small and well, it’s sort of disappointing. Food for thought for next year though, right?

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