Check it out!

My former student, Kayla, has a guest post at Fake Plastic Fish about how she’s reduced her plastic consumption!

Kayla blogs at My Polychrome Life and is currently tallying her plastic waste on a road trip from her home in Texas to college in New York.  Check it out!

And if you need to be inspired even more, check out Kayla’s senior project (back when she was in high school): the eco-friendly fashion show!


Me and Kayla at the “Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet” award ceremony.

Kayla, you make me a proud teacher!



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4 responses to “Check it out!

  1. Kayla sounds like shes on track already. Must have had a good teacher!

  2. This is so neat Abbie!! Sounds like you are an amazing teacher (not that I’m surprised).

  3. Congrats Kayla. Abbie, it makes me so happy that you’re working with so many young people, inspiring so many in the classroom and in the blog world too, 🙂

  4. Congrats, Kayla, and Abbie, too!

    You should be so proud!!!

    It was so nice to see Kayla at the farm recently, too!

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