Turn, Turn, Turn

While the “Endless Summer” hydrangeas are pleased to support my delusions that it’s still summer, the sugar maples won’t play along.  One thing is clear: autumn is on her way.

stroll turn 006

stroll turn 005

stroll turn 001

stroll turn 002

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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5 responses to “Turn, Turn, Turn

  1. Abbie,

    Your photos are wonderful! I love the autumn maple leaves against that incredible blue sky. Great perspective!

  2. Jena

    Nice pics.
    So I noticed your tweets on the sidebar…I ate the last of the turtles we bought in Indiana yesterday so if you have any left… 😉

  3. How beautiful the maple colors are. Thanks for the preview. Here in the south all we are seeing right now are hints and teasing winks of color, I love the colors of autumn.

  4. So sorry, Jena, but any extra “Turtles” have already been claimed!!!

    I’m with Aisling and Cloudhands; I also LOVE the maples against the BLUE sky! And those hydrangeas, my absolute favorite flower.

    Thanks for sharing, Abbie!

  5. Ah, my favorite time of year – warm days and cool nights. Leaves turning but blooms still out. I can smell the sharpened pencils too. 🙂

    In Oklahoma we haven’t quite reached the point of trees turning, probably another 2-3 weeks, maybe four depending on temperatures (which have actually been mild for this time of year). But fall is my favorite season and if I live vicariously through other people’s transition into the season it prolongs mine, so thank you!

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