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I’m happy to announce the new Projects page here at Farmer’s Daughter.  I’ve been thinking of organizing all the projects we work on for a while, but just finally got around to it.  There, you’ll find my sewing, crafting and other creative projects as well as Ed’s projects here at the house.

In compiling our projects for this new page, I realized that there are a lot of projects I haven’t posted about, so I’ve now got some new ideas for future posts.  I’m hoping to give homemade Christmas presents this year, but I always find I run out of time.  Hopefully this page will help me stay organized and also share some new projects, too!

I’d love to hear what you think and also if you have a link to any project you think I might enjoy, I’d love to check it out!



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4 responses to “New Page

  1. rob

    Well you could make a dog coat out of a sock, but I don’t think it would fit duke or eddie- maybe the baby when it is born : )

  2. Why don’t you post a “how to” and some pix of those great gourds you transformed into Santas and other Christmas decorations last year?

  3. Jena

    Lol at Rob’s comment…I was just saying last night that our cat acts so much like a kid that I’m going to knit him some baby clothes. Not sure how we’ll explain it to the kids when their hand me downs have ear holes in the hats, maybe say it is for pigtails to stick through?

    You’ve got quite the list there, it is always fun to write it down and realize how much you’ve done. Way to go!

  4. Yes, I would love a how-to on the gourds…. phuleeeeeease????

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