Buried Treasure

bread bottles 005

While working on the foundation for his parents’ new barn, Ed came across some pretty bottles in the ground.  Just a little elbow grease, and they’ll be beautiful antiques to adorn my pantry shelves.

Have you ever found buried treasure?



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6 responses to “Buried Treasure

  1. I did. In my 20’s. I rented anold stone farm house that had a heap behind it in the woods. I dug up Lydia Pinkam bottles, violin shaped bottles, little medicine bottles; I wish I had kept them. It was 30 years ago. That house was awesome, too…a stone house on 500 acres, with a cedar shake roof. I paid $500 a month (split it with a roomie) which was a lot then. We had a garden, a garage, larch trees, and absolute privacy. I think it was an underground railroad house, as there was a “secret room” with no discernable access.

  2. I read an article once on digging out old outhouses, apparently people used to throw just about anything down them. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/07/28/arts/threat-to-archaeology-the-privy-diggers.html?pagewanted=all

  3. Nice find! Good eye ed! Too Cool. I did find some toys buriend in the yard and some Rainier Beer Bottles when digging the foundation for the addition!

  4. Sarah Heaston

    Just down the road from teh home I grew up in, and live near now, there is an old ravine that was once the community dump….bottles and jars sticking out of the side of the hill all the way down this very steep ravine…..found a whole blue mason canning jar with zinc lid intact, and found some enamelware coffee pot and tea pot….very fun! 🙂 I love finding buried treasure! 🙂

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