Glittery Pumpkins

Last year in December I took my remaining pumpkins and gourds and painted them to become Christmas decorations.  This year, I broke out the glitter and got started a little early.  I’ve had a couple of requests to post a tutorial for my Santa gourds, but I’m not quite making those yet.  I did take pictures today of how I made glittery pumpkins, which will serve as decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Start with mini-pumpkins, which also can be called Jack-be-Little pumpkins.  Choose pumpkins that are nicely shaped and without soft spots, and try to get ones with long stems, since they’ll be easiest to hang on to.

glitter pumpkins 002

Spread craft glue on the pumpkin with a paint brush.  You can paint it all at once while you hold the stem, or you can do it in two or three different sections.

glitter pumpkins 006

Hold the pumpkin over a bowl and sprinkle it with glitter.  Today, I used gold, orange and maroon glitter to make pumpkins in fall colors.

*Warning: If you need to sneeze, turn away! I sneezed right over the bowl and glitter went everywhere.  I can only imagine how messy this project will be when I have little helpers.

glitter pumpkins 007

Let the pumpkins dry completely while sitting on newspaper.  Use them for decoration around the house, but check them regularly to make sure they’re not rotting.

Do you have a favorite way to decorate pumpkins?


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12 responses to “Glittery Pumpkins

  1. Very pretty pumpkins. And LOL about having little helpers with glitter. Let’s just say my backyard patio is very sparkly. 😉
    I remember you talking about the Christmas pumpkins last year. I can’t wait to see those!

  2. Looks like a fun project! I haven’t picked up any pumpkins yet and I didn’t grow any this year so I just laid out some indian corn for decoration instead. I cut cornstalks and brought them up to the house but before I got around to tying them on the porch the puppy shredded them all over the front yard. So are front yard is very… festive looking. 🙂

  3. Beautiful! It’s funny because Lizz and I both had the same reaction when we saw via Twitter something about you crafting with glitter (we’ve never seen you do that before!) but now it all makes sense. Very pretty pumpkins!

  4. That is super cute! Great idea.

    In one of my classes the other day, a woman said that they put glitter glue on their (preschool) student’s hands to teach them how to wash their hands really well. Glitter will not come off with a hasty, careless rinse.

    It would be great to have an outdoor workspace with a little roof or awning for projects like this, wouldn’t it?

    • Aisling~I’ve also heard of this one!

      Some teachers have used the glitter to illustrate the numerous, invisible germs that are present on children’s hands at any time—and the importance of thorough hand-washing!

  5. Just beautiful!!! Reminds me of Cinderella’s glittery pumpkin coach!

    I like to carve Jack-o-lanterns, but you don’t want to do that too early!

  6. ctdaffodil

    those are pretty…..glitter and playdoh (even homemade) are outside art projects here

  7. I’m really digging those. My kids love to glitter stuff. For Christmas last year we took branches and glittered them and also little birds that we put on the limbs. So cute!

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