It’s Cold Outside!

fire 003

Tonight we lit the first fire in the fireplace, since it’s so chilly outside.  The weather the next four days is supposed to be rainy and cold.  When we were outside before, we even saw some snowflakes!

What’s your weather like?



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9 responses to “It’s Cold Outside!

  1. Rain, rain, rain! I even blogged about it today, it is starting to be annoying rather that the blessing that rain should be. After two years of drought I’m trying to be philosophical about it all, but gee whiz and golly gee, enough is enough.
    By the way, congratulations on that Baby Blue pumpkin. That was an adorable way to let the grandparents in on the gender news.

  2. Rosanne

    It’s 9 p.m. here in FL and it’s 84 degrees but feels like 90!!!! Looks like we’ll need a dip in the pool before bed!

    I’ll be in CT to see my grandson in 5 days!!! Hope it gets a little warmer up there!

    I am beside myself that you are having a BOY, too!!! What are the chances of the three of us being first-time grandparents to all BOYS!!! Congratulations!

  3. I am SO JEALOUS of your fire.

    I have two COAL fireplaces in this little Victorian house. My only option is to get a fake coal basket that burns gas.

    And so I shall, because I crave flames, this time of year.

  4. Very nice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your chair. Is that blue and white? Oh, I need a chair like that!!! 🙂

  5. LIKE i said to Sammy the Kat last night – “It’s frickin’ freezin in here Mr. Bigglesworth”

  6. Awh, your house is so pretty. Added to our list of things in common: I also have a little rocking chair in our living room. It belonged to Brian’s Dad (I think). I found a cute little set of western chaps and a vest at a garage sale so those lay across the back of it. It adds something.
    Our weather is just cold enough to make me think I need to finish outdoor to-dos quickly but not cold enough for me to get out it and stay in the house instead. No snow, ice on the water buckets though.

  7. In answer to your tweet, I do not name my hens. At first I did because I thought I’d have them awhile and it would be okay to get attached. Then the dog ate some and the rest were butchered. Mine mostly look alike and I call them with a “Good Morning Ladies!!” even though there are some roos in the group. It is better this way. 😉

  8. LOVE your fireplace! Wish I had one so beautiful; looks like a photo from “Beautiful Homes!”

    It’s been feeling like winter lately, so early in autumn. I actually traded in my sandals for boots yesterday!

    Today, the sun is shining, which is unexpected. They’ve been saying rainy, raw this weekend!

  9. Your house is so pretty. Our weather has been 50-70’s depending on the day and lots of rain.

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