Dining Table

Ed finished building our dining table!

table 001

Here it is in our dining area.  I’ve been waiting two years for a table here.  The flowers are from my garden, the last of the Endless Summer hydrangeas.

table 004

The table is cherry and built in Ed’s signature style, a combination of early American and Shaker.  The cherry was leftover from a stair that Ed built, and the wood is from Connecticut.  This table matches our coffee table and TV cabinet, and he plans to build end tables to match, too.  The only problem is that now we need to get chairs, so we’re not quite using the new table yet.



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18 responses to “Dining Table

  1. Oh Abbie, it is beautiful!! Hurrah for Ed!

  2. That is truly gorgeous. What a nice place for family meals!

  3. That is so, so, so beautiful! I can just see the life that will take place around that table. 🙂

  4. Wow. I like to daydream that with the right tools and enough space I would be able to learn to build something that well. Wow again!

  5. Rob

    Nice work! Lots of family dinners in your future!

  6. Woohoo! It’s beautiful! Ed’s very talented and you’re very lucky!

    The color is very complimentary to your floors . . . all so new and pristine looking!


  7. Marie

    Ed and AB
    Wow,! Dad and I were admiring your table last night and it is just beautiful. The style, the wood and the color are truly outstanding. You are your father’s son and if you were wondering what you are going to pass along to your little guy, look no further, your talents are your greatest gifts!!!! I am very proud of you. Ab, I love the hydrangeas, I’m glad you tried the drying technique, I hope it works for you. Beautiful pictures.
    love . Mom and Dad W. xoxo AKA Mimi xo

  8. So pretty! What a handy guy to have around! 🙂

  9. Maria in CT

    The only thing that comes to mind is “WOW”…..You are extremely lucky!

  10. Sarah Heaston

    Very nice work! 🙂 Your husband is very talented…I love the “farm table” style….may you enjoy many wonderful dinners around it! As soon as you get chairs! 🙂 ha ha….enjoy!

  11. its absolutely beautiful!

  12. Terry

    Hi Ed, those of us who witnessed you travel from early youth into “manhood” are proud of your accomplishments and you…and are available anytime for Abbie meals around that artistic artisan creation you call a table. (Proof positive of gene pool and environmental influence).
    Btw, I have that table’s Granddad. It runs in the family and has cracks. Terry

  13. Abbie, that table is gorgeous!!

  14. Oh wow that is beautiful!!! I wish you lived closer I would beg your husband to let me hire him to make me one!

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