DIY Kangaroo Costume

halloween 009

This costume was so easy to make.  I have a brown velour jump suit that my brothers affectionately call my “poop suit.”  Needless to say, I no longer wear the poop suit on regular occasions.  For the costume, I wore the pants as-is, and cut up the jacket to make the ears.  I got a brown hooded sweatshirt and stitched up the sides of the front pocket, then took the seam out of the top of the pocket to make the pouch.  I put a teddy bear in the pouch, since I didn’t have a stuffed kangaroo.  I stitcked the velour ears onto the hood, and voila! A kangaroo.  My original plan included a tail, but I ran out of time and energy.

halloween 007 halloween 002


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4 responses to “DIY Kangaroo Costume

  1. You are just way too cute! 🙂

  2. Too cute! Bet your students got a kick out of it! Love the little “Joey” in your pouch!

    Were your colleagues brave enough to dress up as well?

  3. Lol, this is adorable.

    You have a kangaroo silly. It’s a boy!

  4. Aw, you’re adorable. Also, if you are using a pseudonym on the internets for your baby boy, I totally think you should go with “joey.” That’s a great one.

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