Did You Vote Today?


I did!

Even though it’s not a big election year, and just our local folks are running, it’s still important to get out and vote.  These are the people who decide how the schools will run, the services that will be provided, and how your tax dollars will be spent.  These are also the people that you can speak to in person and will listen to you when you have an idea, question or problem. 

In my town, the election consists of the Town Council, Board of Education and Constable.  These are all volunteer positions, and the people who run do so because they care about the community and citizens. 

Since we live in a small town, I stopped to talk with people I have known for many years.  In the half-hour that I spent at the polling place, I saw a high school friend’s mom, my high school’s secretary, my elementary school bus driver, four people who went to high school with me, one person who went to college with me, the owner of my favorite local seafood place, and my cousin who is running for BOE.  I have to say that I had fun chatting with everyone!

So… Did you vote today?


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3 responses to “Did You Vote Today?

  1. I did. Even though I came straight from the goat barn! Got me a good mayor to keep in office!

  2. I always vote- of course not today- 2 weeks ago (We are an all mail vote county now) Course now to see if that increases the election returns!

  3. YES! And I’m quite happy to report that your Dad and your cousin both won in a landslide! (Dad for Town Council and cousin for Board of Education.)

    It was most interesting in our family when Dad was on the Council and I was on the BOE. People thought that since we were married that we always shared the same mind! Interesting!

    I wish all the newly elected officials well! Looking forward to new leadership in our little part of the world.

    An all-mail vote does sound interesting; wonder if voting numbers will increase! Keep us posted!

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