Move Over Anti-Consumerism! Baby on Board

I went to the outlets with my mom today.  Have you been in a children’s clothing store lately? Specifically babies through toddlers? It had been a while for me, but… wow.

Do you know they put those adorable little ears on all hoods now, not just Halloween costumes? Have you felt how soft the fabrics are? The brilliant colors! The cute little designs! I wanted one of everything.

This is going to be really tough.  Besides the clothes, there are all those other things that my pre-pregnant self had never even heard of, but that moms have told me I simply can’t live without.  Boppy.  Diaper genie. Pack n’ play.  Onsies.  Baby Einstein.  Exersaucer.  Doorway jumper.  Shopping cart liner.  Breast pumps (which will always make me think of milking machines).

What happened to the days when you needed was a quilt, some handed down clothes, and nursing? I understand that these things are helpful, but I’m not going to get carried away.  The majority of the human species has not had these items, and we’re all still here.  I’m going to do my best to not over-do it with clothes, toys, and gadgets.

But still, those little hoods with the ears are just about the cutest thing ever.



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12 responses to “Move Over Anti-Consumerism! Baby on Board

  1. I suggest one and a half yards of a strong, attractive fabric. That’s your sling. Aside from that, you need some sort of diaper plan and your very own boobs. And the support of several strong, experienced, sympathetic people. You’ll be fine!

  2. I’ve seen really cute stuff on and at least then you are supporting people not big business. hehe Probably even supporting another mom.

  3. Oh just go hog wild! Just kidding. You may not go overboard but respect yourself in three years when you realize that half the stuff you did get was not needed, i mean did you really know when you got it that it was not needed?

    For us we bought lots of things that we wonder about now, some were true blessings (baby bouncer anyone?) but others we thought we had to have. Our first kid is kinda like what our wedding was, we knew what was important after it did not matter anymore. One good blessing we have is two grandma’s and four aunts that keep the good stuff coming.

  4. I’m still managing to hold out fairly well. There are some plastic toys in the house, but not as many as I had originally feared. And we have lots of organic cotton in the closet. My crib set is practical and unisex. And it was on sale. The hardest thing for me? Not buying socks to match every. single. outfit. Because I’m that concerned about his fashion. I should have just stuck to one color palette. I have a list of “essentials” that I need to edit and send you. Someone sent it to me and it was a real help with registering.

  5. Now go to the thrift store, or check out freecycle. All those cute clothes are only worn for a few times before they grow out of them. I know they’re cute, but don’t waste your money.

    I hated my boppy and diaper genie and agree with aimee to make the sling from some cute fabric. Believe me, so many people will give you stuff, that there is very little need to buy anything, even though it is very tempting.

  6. Time will tell. . . but with the excitement of everyone around you three, I’m guessing that you’ll have to buy very little . . . but you’ll be “showered” with everything!

    And those things can always be “recycled” with future babies!

  7. I don’t think you’ll need to buy anything, and you’ll still be able to say, “Isn’t that cute!”.

  8. Believe me, you won’t use half that junk. I can say I loved my sling. I never used much of the other stuff. Look at the Stoke highchairs. I am sitting in one now, they just convert from high chair to booster to chair. Awesome!

  9. ctdaffodil

    I loved my Boppy – thought it was a stupid concept at forst but at the end of the 2nd week nursing that thing went everywhere around the house I did….Used it through 2 kids too – I would get the ones with the washable covers though….they didn’t make them like that when my kids were born – so I made one out of some stretchy terrycloth. Definately you will want a good sling – try a few out though to get the right one for you – there are several kinds out there. Ohh and a backpack for Ed. The kind the baby rides in – – you should be able to find a Kelty one (really good for big guys) at a consignment store – Check out StorkExhange in Westbrook – they have really good quality stuff. We used them tons when they were in Saybrook and my kids were small enough.

    Good Luck

  10. Check out Baby Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores. The items baby’s use are used so little they are in like new condition when they are passed on or parted with.

    For both of my girls I didn’t buy anything new (now that is not to say my mother could resist the cute clothes). We got lots of things from the Thrift Stores and just washed them and used them.

    For things to buy new:
    Crib : If you don’t have someone who is recently done with having kids to pass one on to you, ask yourself if you are going to have more than one (because they make cribs that convert into toddler and then twin beds). We did not own a crib.

    My father made us a Cradle (which both girls slept in until they were 8 months old. Then they slept in the Pack and Play that was my husbands (it was heavy, but sturdy). I had to get rid of it after I lent it to my sister and her cat peed on it, and I just couldn’t get the pee smell out. The replacement pack and play I bought was horrible, I hated it and its locking clips, give me the poles to put together any day over this “easy” locking system.
    By the time both girls were 1 yo they were sleeping on a crib matress on the floor (because neither liked the crib) and by 18 months both were sleeping in Toddler beds. Now keep in mind they could get up and get out of bed without hinderence. So we had the stairs blocked off (baby gate in the Town House and Door in the current house).
    We kept nothing that was “dangerous” so it wasn’t an issue if they got up an wandered. When they did get up and wander it was almost always into my bed to sleep with DH and me. This came and went all on its own (ages 18 months to about 3 years).
    We did own a boppy, it was a shower gift, but I preferred to hold the baby on a regular pillow. The Boppy made the girls hot (fleece material).
    We had a stroller, neither used it.
    I loved my snuggli carrier and Kelty Backpack Carrier.
    We had a few bottles, but I nursed. We had the pumps (and yes they made me think of a milking machine too). We weren’t overly picky, didn’t need a ton of toys.
    We did discover with our first we needed a swing. She loved the swing. With our second she hated the swing.
    So see you don’t have to give up anti-consumerism. You will be just fine. Resist the cute cloths with the ears, because other people will gift those and the latest in baby toys to you.

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