Almost Home

Sunday Stroll

I spent this absolutely beautiful afternoon out and about.  The temps were in the mid-60’s and the sun was shining, so my mom picked me up in the mustang convertible (which I swore I wouldn’t ride in again until May).  We brought lunch to my dad and brother Jon at work on his house, then stopped to visit Mema. 

memas 029

My mom’s family farm is in the next town over, minutes from here.  They were a dairy farm for many years until recently, and the farm still has many hints to its past.

memas 018

The identity of this family farm has changed over time.  They now board horses under the name “Almost Home Barn.”

memas 023

This majestic horse is 31 years young.

memas 006

This horse was snoozing on and off.

memas 027

memas 016

memas 015

Mema, Auntie Mare and me visiting by the horses.  It was a great day to visit in the sun, and may be our last warm weekend until spring.

memas 007

There are still cows, out grazing in the pasture.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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9 responses to “Almost Home

  1. Beautiful! Love the first one of the 31 year old horse, and the last one in the pasture. Looks like the light was beautiful today.

    Love the photo of you and your “kin” too. Lovely smiling faces! 🙂

  2. Great shots, Ab! So happy to spend the afternoon with you, visiting the farm I grew up on! I had a feeling this would show up on your Sunday Stroll!

    Sure wish we had those electric fences when I was a kid, so we didn’t have to “mind cows!” Just LOVE that last shot of the Herefords in the pasture . . .

  3. Hello! Found you over at Aisling’s lovely blog. Oh my…the final photo is so pretty. And, the photo of family. How sweet!

  4. Thanks for the photos – they were mighty cheerful! Not only has the weather been nasty over here, but I haven’t left the house for a week, so it was nice to see some sunshine if only vicariously.

  5. Rob

    THAT SIGN IS SO COOL! Would look great on my garage!

  6. What’s funny about that sign (“Every body needs milk”) is that when your grandfather put that up, Abbie, YEARS ago, it was considered a bit racey, spicy, etc.!

  7. Marie

    I love that sign, very pretty stroll for such a pretty day. xo

  8. Pattie Peoples

    Whimpy looks great. Wonderful to see him

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