Why I Need a Double Boiler

ganache disaster 003

Sometimes, you really need the right piece of equipment.  Placing a glass bowl over top of simmering water has worked for me in the past, but when I decided to make ganache tonight, I heard a pop.  Before I realized what had happened, the cream and chocolate fell into the water below.  The bowl was broken, the ganache was ruined, and I realized I really do need a double boiler, or at least need to use a metal bowl instead.

Just when I thought I would have to miss a day of National Blog Posting Month… it seems I found something to post about.  Some day I’ll make ganache and actually get to taste it.



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11 responses to “Why I Need a Double Boiler

  1. A message from the kitchen supply one if ever there was one!

  2. Oh how sad. But at least it gave you a post.

  3. So sad! And it looked like a nice bowl, too. 😦

  4. Rob

    LOL Been there done that- In my case it was a pyrex glass cake pan that I decided to roast beeh in- set it on a burner that i didn’t realize was on and boom. HInt: you can use two saucepans as long as one is smaller than the other.

  5. Abbie,

    That is SO dangerous! Consider a double boiler on your Xmas list—done!

    Mema always used a pot inside another; just don’t use glass! And, don’t freeze in it, either!

    Hope there weren’t any cut fingers in the clean-up process!

    • Mom, need I remind you that I am the designed clean up person for broken glass in my classroom. I would say I clean up broken glass about once every two months there, and I’ve never been cut by it over the last 7 years. So I can handle it!

  6. I have a double boiler, but don’t like that things get stuck in the edges. I end up using my pyrex bowls. They have a multitude of uses as well.

  7. I have a double boiler, but I more often use a smaller pot (mine has a long handle and on the opposite side a short handle – which makes is sit just right in the other pot) over a larger stock pot. I find my double boiler to be to small (I am sure they come in all sizes) but I just like my homemade method better.

  8. I use the two the pot method also. Glass is too dangerous. I’m glad you were able to blog and no one got hurt in the process! 🙂

  9. I use a heat proof ceramic bowl, has always worked for me. But meanwhile you can do the heat the cream and pour it on chopped chocolate method, it has the added bonus of cooler faster.

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