Is it Christmastime Already???

My mom and I took a trip to the mall today.  It poured rain today, so it was the perfect day for a shopping trip.  We walked around the mall and were surprised to see Santa there already.  We dodged the perfume and lotion people, since those smells give me a headache and make me sneeze.  Seriously? They smell like bug spray.  Why would you want to smell like bug spray?  We noticed that salespeople were especially pushy, asking if they could help find anything the moment we walked into the store and telling us about promotions.  Don’t they realize I’d like to just shop in peace? We even skipped a store after recognizing a particularly annoying sales girl that we got sick of on a previous trip over the summer.  We got lunch, and then… we were ready to leave.

The strange thing about this is that we didn’t buy anything.  Both of us left without making a purchase (except lunch).  I don’t think I’ve ever gone shopping with my mom without either of us buying something.  I left the mall feeling tired and kind of annoyed.  Is the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season here already? I hate the feeling of shopping and buying just because I’m obligated to buy people presents.  I try to make as many meaningful gifts as I can, but I only have so much time.

I’m not a “Humbug!” type of person by any means.  I love to decorate for Christmas with candles in the windows, a village and of course a Christmas tree and some wreathes.  I like the music and the cookies (of course!).  I like the movies, the idea of Santa and the reindeer.  I like spending time with the people I love.  But I HATE the feeling of rushing around at the last minute to get gifts, because I can only make so many.  So this year, I’m trying to shop online.  Lately, I’ve been looking at Lehman’s and have found a few gifts I really like.  And I’m going to try to not fall behind with shopping and wrapping, since we’ll be hosting Christmas with our immediate families at our house this year.  I want to be able to have the holiday without getting overwhelmed.  I know it will only get busier when we have children!

For me, the Christmas season doesn’t really begin until the Friday after Thanksgiving.  That’s when I get out the decorations and when we start selling Christmas trees at the farm market.  When I was growing up, Thanksgiving was the busiest holiday at the farm, with baking pies 24-hours a day and skipping school to work, which we kids loved.  It was a fun but tiring time, and there was no time to think about Christmas then.  After a few years off, my family has decided to remain open for pies this year, so again Thanksgiving will take precidence to Christmas, at least until that Friday.  But maybe I can still get some online shopping done.

How do you manage Christmas gifts?



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9 responses to “Is it Christmastime Already???

  1. That was truly a first for me; going to the mall and buying NOTHING!!! Surprisingly, it was kind of liberating!

    I think I’m going to be shopping online . . . and making some thoughtful gifts.

  2. Nieces and nephews get money and parents get a basket of home-baked goods, produce from our backyard, and farmers’ market goods (honey, nuts, etc). Other family members (siblings) and neighbors generally get some of my homemade bread or jam. We try to keep things simple and this completely eliminates shopping since I make all our holiday cards using recycled scrap paper.

  3. goatldi

    I knit and so forth so some things are made. Some are bought. My husband and I found this incredible toy store in a small coastal town about an hour from us and since we moved to Nor Cal it is our tradition to hit the toy store (for the 4 granddaughters) and have lunch then on to the organic (yes this is still Cal.) brewery and then home to goats, chickens and chores.

  4. I might take your suggestion and look at Lehman’s myself. I have a list of gifts to knit for everyone and although I’m making progress, I might not get there in time. So far I have my Mom, MIL, and FIL knitted for and I’m working on a blanket/pillow for Brian’s Grandpa. I still need to make something for my sister, my Dad and his wife, and my best friend. I think I can do it but like you said, I don’t want to overwhelm myself! I’m not hosting Christmas (like it was originally planned) but I am hosting a birthday party for my sister next week. I think after that is done I won’t feel so much pressure to work on the house so maybe I can relax and work on Christmas.

    I like Heather’s ideas of bread and canned goods. Last year Brian’s family exchanged gifts starting with “M” so we bought maple syrup and molasses and put it in a basket with a nice recipe for molasses cookies.

  5. Rob

    I always when it is Halloween, cause the stores have their Christmas stuff out.

    I am busy making gifts so when Black Friday comes I can go have my coffee and laugh at the folks running around trying to do all in one day.

  6. I’m with you. I like to shop in peace. 🙂

    By the way, if you do shop at Lehmans, would you mind going through the link on my blog? I get credit then. 🙂 It is one of the many ways, I bring in a bit of money and stay at home.

  7. I really, really don’t like the commerciality– the crazed commerciality– of the Christmas season, or how early it starts. To me, the Christmas season begins the first week of December or so, or maybe with the beginning of Advent. I’m happy that being at school shields me from the whole business until I go home.

    Being at school also makes presents a bit more difficult. I think this year I’m going to try to do some shopping at Thanksgiving, and leave things at home for the people there and bring things back for the people here. Then I’ll try to do a lot of shopping on the Internet so I don’t have to look for things here (I don’t have a car, and will have limited luggage going home) or there when I get back a week before Christmas.

    I wish I could handmake cool stuff, but I don’t really have any skills in that direction yet. I may try to bake/cook some of my gifts for people here– I bet I could do some sort of early Christmas present and deliver it during finals when it would be appreciated.

    Sorry for the novel I just wrote you!

  8. We’re not Christian, so don’t tend to celebrate Christmas, but I enjoyed reading the words of a girl on my Facebook:
    ” Dear Christmas,
    It’s not time for you yet, so get off my TV and out of the stores I shop in.



  9. I am so with you. I hate shopping (esp. malls) and end up buying most of my gifts online (since 3 kids sort of take the time away from making gifts…) Maybe next year I’ll have time. I do make baked goods for my neighbors and grown up family members. Our parents always get pictures of the grandkids! We are down to only buying gifts for immediate family so I will have to find something for my mom, brother, niece and nephews, and my family but it’s better than it was! Christmas has gotten out of control.

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