Jealous Neighbor







Be polite and share!


And they all lived happily ever after.  The End!


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7 responses to “Jealous Neighbor

  1. Cute story, Ab! Just LOVE the pix of Annabelle and Isabelle side by side. Can’t believe how much “Baby Belle” has grown in 5 short months. Jake the Bull sure enjoyed those apples, too! There were VERY excited to see you!

  2. that pinto baby is soooooooooooooo gorgeous!!

    • Thanks! Though I’m not sure she’s officially a “pinto,” as many associations don’t accept drafts as pintos. The term we use is “spotted draft” since she’s a Shire. I’ve also seen them called “drum horses” or “gypsy horses.” (I’m not an expert…) Here’s their association page:

      Also must admit I never worried much about the terms, since all our other horses until Annabelle were Dapple Gray Percherons. The genetics is really interesting!

  3. Lol – the pictures fit the words perfectly!

  4. This is cute and funny! I like the increasing intensity of the “Moos.”

  5. So cute! Should be a kid’s book!

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