Where does our meat come from?

*Warning: Graphic photos follow!*

This barn was the scene of some serious work today.

Ed’s family slaughtered their pigs yesterday, removed the hair, cut them in half and let them bleed out in the cooler overnight.

Ed’s Uncle Dan was visiting, and he and Ed’s dad (not pictured) taught Ed and his brother how to cut up the meat, what to save, and what to toss. 

Family friend Putney holds the pig while Uncle Dan removes the meat.  Uncle Dan, Rich, Chris and Kate would then get to work on cutting the hams, bacon, and saving scraps for sausage. 

Ed took the chops to the meat saw and started slicing pork chops.

We got about 50 chops from each pig.

Look how big that chop is! The girls packaged and labeled the meat using the vacuum sealer.

Ed’s mom Marie using the vacuum sealer.

The finished product!

Turkeys, you’re scheduled for Tuesday! I’ll be at work, but will send my camera along with Ed so hopefully I’ll have some of those pictures to share as well.


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6 responses to “Where does our meat come from?

  1. Wow! What great pix and how graphic! You guys know where YOUR meat comes from. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’m always fascinated by the process!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I actually didn’t find it that graphic – more interesting. I am certainly changing my approach to food, that’s for sure.

    I’m mostly impressed that you were up for this given that you’re pregnant. I, sadly, just do not have a super-strong stomach when I’m expecting. I even find myself steering clear of farmer’s markets because people will be (GASP!) buying vegetables. Luckily, it’s over as soon as the baby’s born.

    • Haha! That’s hilarious! I haven’t really been queasy at all, except for a bug here and there. I skipped when they were killing the pigs, that’s hard to watch anytime, and otherwise I was mostly just packaging meat except for taking pictures. A pork chop seems pretty disconnected from the pig, though obviously it’s not!

  4. That’s great, it looks like your family has the perfect setup for the processing and packaging!

  5. Terri Gurney

    Hey Ab….LOVED looking at all the pics!! I miss everyone so much. I will have to show my Dad your pics. Hugs, Terri

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