I didn’t get to help out with the turkeys today, since I went to school and later to help out at the farm market with Thanksgiving pies.  Thanks to Ed’s mom Marie for these pictures!


The turkeys

After the turkeys are killed, using a cone, and bleed out, they’re dunked in boiling water to scald them and make the feathers come out easier.

The turkey then goes into a plucker, which removes most of the feathers.

Some feathers remain, and need to be taken out by hand.  The turkeys are also gutted.

It was chilly enough today to do this outside, which helps to cool the meat.

The finished product goes into the cooler.  Some will be cut apart and/or vacuum sealed and frozen.

Tucker had a hard day!



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6 responses to “Turkeys

  1. Neat thanks for sharing.
    I bought a “fresh”turkey but I think you win.
    Next year I hope to farm 2 Turkey

  2. Great pix! Ed looks a little sad in that first shot; sorry to say “goodbye” to the turkeys?

    What family teamwork!

  3. Terrific Pictures. I have only gone through this process once with my family. It is interesting!!!!! Thanks for bringing back a memory 🙂 !

  4. Rob

    Awwww poor turkeys. sniff.

  5. Anna K.

    These are some great pics. I live on a farm and we raise and process our turkeys and chickens exactly the same way. I love having them for Thanksgiving, but it is kinda sad to say goodbye….they are sweet animals.

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