Baby Furniture

The grandmas-to-be and I went to pick out the baby’s furniture today.  The furniture is going to be the baby’s gift from his grandparents, and Ed and I are so thankful for our generous parents!  All the furniture will be painted white, and is from the Stanley company, which makes all of its furniture in the US and has a focus on sustainability.  We plan to use this furniture for future babies, too, which is why we chose a neutral white color.

The crib and mattress

The combination dresser/changing table

The rocking chair

I can’t wait for everything to arrive so I can see it in the baby’s room!


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7 responses to “Baby Furniture

  1. It was so much fun shopping with you and “Mimi” today, Abbie! I’m so glad you found products you liked and I think all the pieces in white will be so perfect in your baby’s room!

    What a beautiful day! I was also very relieved that we chose a “fixed” crib with NO drop sides!

    • Okay what’s the problem with dropped sides? I haven’t heard this before! Am I out of the loop?

      • There was a recall recently of cribs with movable sides (where you lower one side to reach in and get the baby out). Apparently the hardware can get old and the side can drop unexpectedly, and some babies smothered. So… I figured I’m tall enough to just reach in the crib.

  2. How exciting! How long do you have to wait for the furniture to be delivered?

  3. Looks great! You must be so excited! I think the white will look really nice. Did you pick out your bedding yet?

    I have to thank you for making my husband squirm..he saw the picture of the crib and said, “What ARE you looking at!?”. 😉

  4. Marie

    We had such a fun day picking out “his” furniture, I love it and will love it more once we see him in it!!!! So excited xo Mimi
    Grammy Ruth, Thanks for lunch and driving me around and Ab for carrying my purchases and crutches. Love the white!!!!

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