Christmas Decorations

Just a few pictures of what we’ve done around the house.

On the mantel, I have some silver ornaments in vases, reindeer statues, our wedding photo, lights and fake roping.  (Ed won’t let me put things that might rot on his woodwork after a rotten pumpkin/bird’s eye maple table incedent a few years ago.)  Mema knitted our stockings, mine when I was born and Ed’s when we got engaged.  We’re excited she’ll make another one for next year!

My Christmas village.  Well, parts of it.  I’ve got so many houses now that they’re also spread around the house.  They live on the bird’s eye maple table that Ed built just for the village.  (This table has a little stain on the top from a rotten pumpkin…)

We still need to get a tree, I want to put some roping and lights on the stair railing, and some wreaths outside.  Are you decorating for the holidays?



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7 responses to “Christmas Decorations


  2. I am leaving my decorating until the last possible moment. I have a 15-month-old who loves to climb and throw and pull and grab. This year will be the worst, and then next year I can put up some of the nice things again.

    I remember being very introspective when I was pregnant at Christmas, remembering that next year there would be a whole other person. Somehow it made it all seem very real to me.

  3. Marie

    Tis the season!!! looks so pretty and festive!

  4. It looks really pretty in your house. It would be nice to sit in the room with the lit up mantle and sip hot cocoa and visit with special people. What a nice home and family your baby is being born into!

  5. Ohhhhhhhh! I WANT TO COME OVER.

    We have done nothing at our apartment but talk about how we should decorate SOMETHING. Hm. I gotta get on that.

  6. These are beautiful stairs. I think they are lovely. And the decoration is wonderful, although I agree with him about not getting sap on them.

  7. I will be decorating this weekend, my house and mom’s apartment. Those stairs look great even with out the holly and tinsel! Ed is a very gifed carpentar!

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