Festive Staircase

Ed is a stairbuilder by trade, building spiral and eliptical staircases in fancy houses.  We don’t have spiral stairs, but we do have a formal staircase.  We’re not really formal people, but these are the stairs Ed chose to build for our house, since he knows people will look at them and judge his craftsmanship when they visit us.  Since the stairs are fancy, I wanted to make them look elegant for Christmas.  I put up fake roping (he doesn’t want the black walnut railing to get sap on it), white lights, and silver bows on the newel posts.  When Ed got home today and saw it, he really liked how they look.

The view from downstairs.

The bend in the staircase.

The view from upstairs.

I had some extra roping, so I decorated the chandelier in the entryway to match and hung some silver ornaments on it.  I’ve really enjoyed decorating this year, and I have some more ideas for the dining room, now that we have a dining table.



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8 responses to “Festive Staircase

  1. Stunning — makes me wish I had stairs 😉

  2. That’s an impressive staircase, and the decorations are very nice!

  3. Wow. He is so talented! Wish I had nice stairs too!

  4. How pretty and what masterful work: stairbuilding and decorating!

  5. I agree with maya – simply stunning!

  6. Marie

    The stairs look so beautiful and so festive!!! Merry Christmas!

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