Who knows about your blog?

Do the people in your life know you’re a blogger?

When I first started this blog, I didn’t tell anyone! A few weeks later, I let some family and friends in on the secret.  Now, my whole extended family knows about my blog and some of them read along.  I don’t worry about that, since they all know me well anyway.

My colleages and students don’t know about my blog, since I try to keep work and this little hobby of mine separate.  A few close friends at work know, but I don’t believe any of them follow along here.

Recently, since I joined Facebook, I realized that lots of people I know have discovered my blog, and it’s been mostly positive.  But still, it feels kind of strange.  I don’t know why I worry about being “found out” as a blogger.  The truth is, I’m pretty proud of the way the blog has evolved over time.  But when people tell me they enjoy my blog, I get embarrassed.

Does anybody else feel this way?



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15 responses to “Who knows about your blog?

  1. I’m not sure anyone other than Q reads mine…

  2. I have felt that way, although it’s becoming increasingly less so over time. Since my blog is just my (extremely rare) surname, anyone who’s searching for me will always find it. And I’ve always written with that in mind.

    But in the past I also felt embarrassed – blogging can feel like you’re really putting yourself out there. I was worried that someone would take it badly, or think I was silly. But, on the whole, the people I know in real life are incredibly supportive of me, which is really fabulous.

  3. Rob

    i DONT THINK TOO MANY KNOW OF MY BLOG. a FEW GUYS AT WORK… ABOUT IT. (Sorry to yell, i didn’t know my caps where on) Anyway- my family knows I am a left wing liberal commie pinko fag type so nothing in my blog to surprise them. Lately though I have been posting so much arts and crafts people might mistake it for Martha’s Blog. But I am much prettier than her.

  4. At first I was tempted to say, “Who doesn’t know about your blog, Abbie?” because you have a very loyal following and lots of readers who appreciate your work. You should be proud of it! (Even your father tells people they should check out “Farmer’s Daughter!”)

    But I kind of feel the same as you. Other bloggers get it, but not everyone does.

    Facebook feels different to me, too. You can’t keep the same anonymity there as you can with a blog because you have to register under your real name. I, too, feel I want to keep access to my real life a bit limited due to my students and their parents. Can you have it both ways?

    When I have new readers who comment on my blog, who usually link from another site (sometimes yours!) I’m always grateful and surprised. Usually these are people I don’t know and very rarely are they family members.

  5. It took me a while to let people know about my blog. It started out as a way for me to keep track of my garden and life. I really enjoy it now and more and more people in my life have found it.

  6. yep- only close friends and my mom read my blog 🙂 I’m careful about what I write- as I’m a health professional and NEED to keep blog-work separate…

    but a few Yogis in the community have discovered my space… and it’s al ittle weird.

    People know is fine, but I understand your trepidation 🙂

  7. I struggled with this same issue for awhile. At first I kept it very secret. I remember finding out that one of the guys Brian works with had been visiting my blog and I obsessively went through it looking for things I may not have wanted him to know. It seems silly but yes, I’d rather have strangers across the country know more about me than local people.
    Word of my blog has slowly leaked out to my friends and family members: some chose to follow along and some don’t. I like it now. Facebook was the final “coming out” for my blog too and I don’t mind. Going public hasn’t changed my content much at all, with the exception that I can’t really vent when I upset or go in to detail about certain topics.

  8. Only my two sisters know about my blog. The rest of the family doesn’t have a clue. My husband knows I write, but he has never seen it. My kids have read my blog, but I think it embarasses them??!

    As for my friends, only a few know. I guess it is my personality to be a little secretive, yet writing everything down seems right!

    By the way, I lot more people than you know read your blog!

  9. Yes. I don’t have hardly any followers and didn’t think anyone read mine. But, then found out all the ladies at my hubby’s work read it, most of my family, people at my kids’ school… I did a statistic thing and found out more read than I thought and now I am more cautious with what I write, not as much from the heart as I did.
    Hey, and PS- I LOVE YOUR BLOG! 🙂

  10. I’ve told very few people about it, just my boyfriend, mom and a few close girlfriends. It does feel weird having people you know read it (and I think I have about 4-5 readers). I definitely echo the sentiments that I much prefer people I don’t know reading my blog (with the exception of those that I have told). However, I am also quite new to the world of blogging, so that my change.

  11. I have started to tell more and more friends about it, but no one I work with knows. Like you, I want to keep my home and work life separate.

    I am also a pretty private person. My blog is about gardening, not about what is going on in my personal life – not sure I could ever do that.

  12. I feel the same too. Nobody I know personally knows about my blog. I’m not ready to share my thoughts with friends and family just yet

  13. I don’t post nearly as often as I used to but before I became self employed everyone I worked with knew about my blog, some follow it regularly. I used to feel embarrassed about real life comments about my blog but now the only time I feel embarrassed is when someone brings up something silly I wrote over 4 years ago. hehe.

    Then again I am a ‘tech’ ( web developer ) so a lot of people simply search for my name (on google, etc) to find out about me, what I do, my work and presence on the internet.

  14. Abbie, you pose an interesting question with this one – most people I know don’t know about my blog. I like the anonymity of blogging in my small hometown. Being the only organic farmers, we are viewed as a curiosity and not always in a good way.

    I have told some people, and it has been interesting to hear the reaction. It ranges from why on earth would you blog, that is for politics only, basement bloggers are crazy (from my journalist friends) or that sounds like it costs too much.

    Connecting with like-minded people is much easier with the internet 🙂

    Looks like you’re getting your White Christmas!

  15. For me, I still don’t tell people I know. I just want to curl up in a ball when someone starts talking about. On the other hand when people are miles away I love it when they comment.

    My family gives out my blog to others though. It’s hard to let my rants go knowing that people I know might be reading. Sigh… my grandmother even gave my blog to a telemarketer the other day… talk about wanting to just wither up like the witch on the Wizard of Oz… 🙂

    Love you blog BTW!

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