Trimming the Tree

We’ve had our tree up for a while now, but I wanted to write about some of my favorite ornaments.  Our ornaments are ecclectic, consisting of a combination of Ed’s and my ornaments from childhood.  I’m sure as our family grows, our tree will evolve with homemade and milestone ornaments.  For now, from our childhoods, dating and married life, these are my favorites:

  • Ice skates, which make me think of childhood skating on the pond
  • Ballet slippers, from my many dance classes
  • Apples, since my parents’ tree has always had lots of apples on it
  • Horses and tractors
  • Homemade beaded candy canes
  • Red truck, that looks just like the one Ed restored while in high school
  • The pickle, a German tradition, that Mema gave me
  • The silver hinged ornament that Ed used to propose to me

What are your favorite ornaments?



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2 responses to “Trimming the Tree

  1. Ab,

    I LOVE that you still have the homemade ballet slippers on your tree! What a nice combination of yours and Ed’s childhood memories.

    There are LOTS more new memories in the making, you can be sure, with your new addition to the family!

    Love you,

  2. We have the same eclectic theme going on. I know you will find joy over the years as the tree fills up with precious popsicle stick santas and hand-print snowflakes made by tiny loving hands. Enjoy this beautiful season, filled with wonder and expectation. Merry Christmas!

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