Sunday Stroll

A week ago, a storm brought us over a foot of snow.  Between yesterday’s rain and today’s temperatures in the 50’s, it’s mostly gone, so my stroll felt surprisingly spring-like.

A vine wraps around a little tree

A big tree reaches up into the blue sky

Needles of the white pine get a break from the heavy snow

The woodpile sits, idly waiting for the mercury to dip again

The weather was so beautiful today that I spent a good hour after my stroll sitting in the sun, reading and dreaming about fruit trees, laying hens and my vegetable garden.  What does your weather look like today?

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.


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6 responses to “Thaw

  1. Green leaves? Blue Sky? I can see why you’re dreaming of spring! Lovely photos, Abbie! Thank you for sharing a bit of your balmy day!

  2. Oh I know, it must be that time of year for dreaming. My head is so full of aspirations I want to do everything before I lose my motivation! 🙂

  3. I keep having to remind myself that it’s Sunday today! The Friday holiday throws us all off!

    Just LOVE your blue sky! Can’t believe it was in the 50s today, but I’m dreaming of more snow!!!

    I can see how today’s temps had you dreaming otherwise! It was actually spring-like!

  4. Saw your post on Jenna’s blog and followed it here…

    The storm went around us. I admit I was disappointed… looking for an excuse to hybernate in the house. Got a little rain, a dusting of snow, but that was all.

    I’ve been pushing all winter for chickens… the coop needs to be repaired, but the space is there… probably won’t happen this year. The calf has gone, my quarter should be here after Xmas. Looking forward to a full freezer.

    It froze last year late, so I didn’t have much on my pear trees unfortunately. And another summer of could and wet – global warming people say we’re suppose to be a desert by now – the tomatoes rotted again in the field. Maybe this year…. can’t win against the weather, just keep trying.

    • Hi farmwifetwo, nice to meet you! Our tomatoes rotted, too, thanks to the blight, and we got a grand total of about 3 quarts in the freezer, not even worth pulling out the canner. I’m hoping for a big storm this weekend so I can stay in. Really hoping for chickens this year, but with the baby due in Marc h I’m not going to get my hopes up for completing any big projects this spring. I’m putting my husband in charge (which is hard for me to do!) and if it happens, it happens.

  5. Our boys are 10 and 8 – already!!! Yikes!!! – they both have autism. The elder will be fine – he’s as “normal” as most 10yr olds now – the younger probably will not be independant. So, I spend a lot of my summers by the swing set instead of in the garden. This year when my sitter came – day and 1/2 per week – with all the rain I spent all my time mowing grass.

    I’d like chickens but they may have a wait a couple of more years yet.

    I was pls’d that until we went away for a week in mid August… this year I kept up with the weeds… after that they took over once more.

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